Another one bites the dust

Kids get this and big folks tend not to… has to do with cognitive development, stereotyping, and abstract vs. concrete concepts.. yada yada yada 🙂
What is "it":
  • it is greater than God
  • it is worse than the devil
  • poor people have it
  • rich people don’t
  • if you eat it you will die

Answer at the end of today’s diatribe.

The rare generic true police story:  The day I brought a taser to a pistol fight!


Once upon a time in a land far far away and having nothing to do with my current jurisdiction (day before yesterday)  I was driving by one of my "hot-spots".  My only intent was to get something to drink at the local convenience store….  however, the poor fella in the car in front of me did not know that.  He kept his cool for about five seconds than sped up to ridiculous speeds to get  out of my sight.  Being the sight hound that I am,  I started to follow…  We went through an apt. complex at good clip and he drove in the complex until there was basically no road left.  He exited his car and began walking away.  Not feeling too threatened, I pulled my taser… of course this all happened in less than a minute’s time.  As I approached him, he turned and one of his previously empty hands held…. A PISTOL!!!!  And here I was with my taser, feeling very, very underwhelming.  So…. I did what any self respecting individual in my position would do… I screamed and ran away (actually, I took two steps to my left, dropped the taser, and drew my gun :))


Of course, by the time I peeked back around the corner (isn’t THAT a silly thing to do) bad guy was booking it around a corner.  I went back to the vehicles to regain composure and make sure someone did not drive off in MY car.  Arriving units pushed bad guy back into complex, where he tried to sneak across open area I could see… Silly bad guy!!!!!!  He went to jail…  no one hurt…. and I remembered that ever-painful lesson to avoid complacency!!  I think I am STILL trying to work off all of the adrenaline that I dumped that day!!


Speaking of adrenaline dump… if you never have experienced that.  For me, it’s like drinking frozen vodka.   It hits around the stomach area and is cold as hell… spreads like a broken egg running into various nooks and crannies throughout your body  In my case,  my hearing gets hyper acute and I develop immediate cotton mouth.  I don’t have too bad a problem with fine motor control and can function pretty well… but after… I sweat…. and sweat…. and….. well you get the idea.  A lot of folks get the shakes.  I tell my guys a little bit of shaking later on is not a bad trade off for being able to function when you’re scared @#(%less.  Of course, excess exposure to those kinds of incidents takes it’s toll on a body (GAS) .


I’d love to type more, but it’s MLK and the workday has snuck upon me. 


Peace be with you all!  






The answer is:  NOTHING


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