2013 – Merry Christmas from the Chase Family

Friends and Family,

Well… for those who have made it another year… congratulations!!! Hopefully we can catch our breath before the next exciting times hit us, eh?

As usual, this annual missive is being written by me (Jay). Not sure if it is really all that much of a tradition as a guilty admission that, over a decade ago, I got tired of all the stress and fuss of Christmas cards and getting addresses, spouses names, events, etc… just right. I figured that a one page recounting of high points would suffice for friends and family and for the really important stuff, I probably should have sent something long before (I come by my grinchiness honestly!!)

Starting with the somber… It has been a little over a year since ‘Grandpa Larry’ passed, and I still catch myself at times starting to call him or thinking how much he would like some football play or other. When Ditka got recognized as a coach a few weeks ago, I remembered that he was Larry’s favorite player. Tried to make it a happy remembrance, but sometimes you just can’t fool yourself… Still, when the grandkids recall him, we manage to put a good face on it and talk about how cool he was (even if a little scary… ) I wish to express our sadness at the passing of Emma Gay this November. She will be missed.

My mother, Grandma Sandi, is still at the Cottage of Spring Branch – a memory care facility that I think highly of. They take very good care of her and forgive her easily for her difficult periods. I try to visit once or twice a week, but can’t stay for more than 20 minutes without agitating her. Well-meaning friends and family try to push me to take her out to dinner, movies, etc… but each Alzheimer’s/dementia sufferer has their own needs. Hers is stability and as little stimulation as possible.

That said… I took Christopher’s twins, Michael and Alexander up to see her and we had a great time. They somehow knew to scale back their natural whirlwind tendencies and I think she was very happy to see them.  After all the fun I have had… might have been the scariest ten minutes of my life!!!!  🙂

Ned came by in November and I took him down to see her.  It was heartening/heartbreaking to see her look at him for about 15 seconds, then break into a great big grin and say, “I know him!!” I am pretty sure she has a much harder time with my kids, not always sure who they are (although she asks after them every time I go up…)

God bless her friend Susan, who still goes to visit her on a regular basis.  Others are too far away, or just don’t know how to handle the situation.  Luckily, she does not ask after anyone…

Valerie is still working at Holy Rosary in the office. She seems to enjoy her job quite a bit. She is becoming quite an expert on the various eateries in that area of downtown.
Christopher is back on night shift, working the Midwest part of town. He has a four day workweek, so gets to spend more time with the twins then it sounds… He and I have had the opportunity to work a few extra jobs together which has been a treat.

Nicholas is stationed in Pearl Harbor and is currently under the water… I believe his cruise lasts at least six months. We have all gotten a few e-mails, so know that he is doing okay. Flo came back to Houston for the Holidays and I imagine she is at Christmas Eve dinner with everyone as I am typing.

Emily graduated with her Math degree from ASU in May and is now a 2nd Lt. in the Air Force, training to be an Air Battle Manager at Fort Tindall in Panama Beach City, Fla. She has a good group of classmates and has been doing well on her own… learning how to cook all kinds of exotic paleo foods and generally growing up well!!

Katherine is still living at the house, and is a Math major at U of H. Since she is in the Honors College, most of her classes are much smaller than one would expect at such a big university – she seems to be learning a lot and her grades reflect that she always was the one who did her homework. I might be just a bit proud… 

Katherine and I got the opportunity to go out to Arizona in June. I thought I was going to do the Cops On Top climb in memory of Tim Abernethy, but timing and fan belts took care of nixing that idea. We left a week early so that we could go by to see Grandpa John and Evy… had a great time with them, and health and the Good Lord willing, I will be back on the mountain next June. While there, we went to Kevin Hearne’s book signing. In my usual fashion, I got my book signed by him, but then learned everything I could have ever wanted, by talking with his mother (bad officer… no donut). Katherine is at the age where she is starting to learn when I am using my ‘negotiation’ skills in various situations… doesn’t mean she isn’t embarrassed that I do it… but she generally keeps quiet about it… until she doesn’t!!

Mr. Hearne (who writes the Iron Druid Series btw…) was in town for a book signing about a month later and got some bad info on where to go for lunch. He posted this on facebook and I immediately suggested he try Cadillac Bar for dinner… not wanting to sound totally stalker/creeper (I know… hard for me), I made the suggestion and indicated that I knew he had writer business and all, but if he or his entourage needed help getting reservations, getting people there… I could help) Next message was, “What time we going?”

So… we are sitting at my favorite restaurant, where everybody knows my name (psst… I worked an extra job there for four years… ) and we are trading stories. I related one about someone figuring out what I do for a living and Katherine busts out with “I’m calling Bullshit” (or something to that effect) and correcting how cool I was during the story. I am not saying who was correct, her or me… just relaying that the brat got a fist bump from the Hearnester himself for jumping all over her dad, when she thought he was exaggerating… That’s OK Kevin… you too have a child, who will one day correct you while your being a fanboy!!!!

Can’t have a Christmas note where I did not brag on the excellent officer I work with.  We have been working trend analysis on types of crimes and have really gotten a good start on this “jugging” phenomenon.  Made the news several times (all good) and have put LOTS of bad guys where they belong.  Can’t imagine a better job… wouldn’t want another one.  Thank you gentlemen and ladies – take a bow!!!

This is the year where I must want to sound like a fan girl… Got to love Facebook and understand my life to get this…. Sometimes my job is sitting in the back of a van or in a car for hours waiting for the 20 seconds of fun… Perfect time for an IPad. Weston Ochse and I had some great discussions right before we went busting in on a 15 location simultaneous for search/arrest warrant. I am sure he thinks I am some kinda nut job, cuz I love messaging with him. Every time we start, the *(&t drops… (He’s good luck that way…) Weston’s book ‘Seal Team 666’ is being made into a movie – starring “The Rock”… Can’t wait!!

I have more (Saranna DeWylde is a heck of a smart and funny person and I found out that Rob Thurman (Cal and Leandro) is actually Robyn!!!) but…., I have a fever, can’t breathe and look like I am crying. As Patrick, the officer I work an extra job with every Sunday said, “It’s not a very good feeling when everyone around us is wearing masks and nobody will tell us why…” Well, now I know… and I am not very happy about it. Sigh…

So, I am going to go make tea while my family is down south eating French onion soup, baked brie, and all that good stuff. Time for another horror movie… that or the last season of Breaking Bad!!

Thankful that, this illness aside, we are doing pretty well in the health department. Thankful for you, our friends, and family. Praying that you are well and the coming year goes the way it should.
Peace be with you.


P.S. Unlike years past, I have not burdened your e-mails or mailboxes with my veritable profundity of photographic memoribilia (or flotsam and jetsam… you decide)..  Rather, they are in albums on facebook if you decide to peruse…  Rest assured… we ALL look one year older…  sigh.  🙂




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Incredibly Clever Anagrams

When you rearrange the letters:
When you rearrange the letters:
When you rearrange the letters:
When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:
When you rearrange the letters:
When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:
When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:

When you rearrange the letters:
When you rearrange the letters:
When you rearrange the letters:
When you rearrange the letters:
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JD Green’s Arrival at HPOU Benefit – May 3, 2013

Officer JD Green, one of my officers assigned to the Warrant Execution Team, was involved in a major accident, while attempting to serve a felony warrant in September 2012. As a result, he has been paralyzed from the neck down and subsequently medically retired from the department. In an attempt to help him transition to his new needs, we got together with the HPOU and the Assist The Officer foundation and held a benefit for him on May 3rd at the HPOU banquet hall. We sold approximately 2,000 tickets to officers, family and other supporters.  Officer Kessler and his cooking team donated their time to prepare over sixty briskets, sausage, and a mind staggering 1,000 pounds of beans! Captain Alan Helfman brought his live-auction team from River Oaks Chrysler and helped to auction off over 50 items donated for the cause. The event went off without a hitch.

JD received permission from his medical team to come to the event and was brought by ambulance. He came into the banquet hall to a standing ovation!! Words cannot convey how touched I was by everyone’s attendance and generosity.

JD’s battle to recover will continue and we will continue to help our brother in whatever way we can.  To those of you who assisted, donated, attended, or sent wishes, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Peace be with you,


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Saturday Fun

Up early this morning to take Valerie’s Vera Cruz in to the dealership – the back hatch wont open. Just about lost it when the service writer tried to make me leave because I did not have an appointment. Told him I just wanted someone to look at the latch, verify it was out, and order a new one, so I could take a day off and come back for the work. Luckily, the head mechanic was walking by with his coffee and donut and said, “That sounds interesting” He took a look at it, verified it was the switch, ordered it from another dealership and had it switched out within two hours. If things had gone the service writer’s way, I would have NEVER gone back there. Now… they still have a chance… 🙂

After spending 500 bucks on either bad engineering or planned obsolescence, I got Katherine and we went to see Grandma Sandi at the Cottage today. She seemed to be well… the places she had been picking on her face seem to be clearing up. She seemed to recognize both Katherine and me and was able to form a few questions. We sat and listened to the western singer who was there to celebrate the February birthdays… he was good!

I have learned that my time limit is right around 12 minutes… after that the visit tends to degrade. Today, she did so well, asking what classes Katherine was taking and lighting up at a couple of her responses. I did my best not to ask any questions, because I have figured out how much that frustrates her, but I finally asked if she had eaten lunch, to which she replied, no… no need, they are going to kill me anyway. I managed to hold off the investigative instinct and just asked if she would like me to talk to the administrator. The moment passed, but I could tell mother was ready for us to go. No moral or good ending to the story… just an update.

Got a nap in after getting home and then we went to BRC off of Washington. Met up with all of V’s siblings that live near the Houston area… filled two tables! Food was awesome, and I had a Spartan Franziskaner Hefeweisse that absolutely hit the spot. This was my Risky Business day for eating…. What the *&^%… I will eat good tomorrow, eh?

Got home at a reasonable hour and got enough sleep to handle working double at the hospital tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

All the best,


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How to earn your zero!!!


He should have gotten 100% for his wit!!!

Q1. In which battle did Napoleon die?

* his last battle

Q2. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?

* at the bottom of the page

Q3. River Ravi flows in which state?

* liquid

Q4. What is the main reason for divorce?

* marriage

Q5. What is the main reason for failure?

* exams

Q6. What can you never eat for breakfast?

* Lunch & dinner

Q7. What looks like half an apple?

* The other half

Q8. If you throw a red stone into the blue sea what it will become?

* It will simply become wet

Q9. How can a man go eight days without sleeping ?

* No problem, he sleeps at night.

Q10. How can you lift an elephant with one hand?

* You will never find an elephant that has one hand..

Q11. If you had three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in other hand, what would you have ?

* Very large hands

Q12. If it took eight men ten hours to build a wall, how long would it take four men to build it?

* No time at all, the wall is already built.

Q13. How can u drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

*Any way you want, concrete floors are very hard to crack.

How ‘boot you…. got any other good ones???

All the best,


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Suspect surrenders with help of Quanell X

A Houston man wanted on a charge of attempted murder of a police officer surrendered to police Tuesday with help from activist Quanell X.

The Houston Chronicle reported June 18 that police were searching for a man who may have been struck by a bullet when a police officer discharged a gun after seeing another man holding a gun at 5500 Antoine on June 16.

The alleged gunman, Elliott Nathaniel Guerrero, contacted the Chronicle on Monday to insist that he did not have a weapon at the time he was shot. Crying, Guerrero confirmed that he was shot in his leg. He insisted, however, that the officer was not being truthful about his being in possession of a handgun.


A Chronicle reporter urged Guerrero to surrender, but the man said he feared police would retaliate. The reporter referred him to Quanell X, who had previously escorted suspects to police custody, and alerted police.

Quanell X met Guerrero at a gas station on the Katy Freeway about noon Tuesday, and Guerrero hopped into a Hummer H2 driven by a member of Quanell X’s New Black Panther Party.

Guerrero said he was willing to surrender after Quanell X reassured him.

“Just the way he spoke to me, he made me feel comfortable,” Guerrero said. “I was ready to turn myself in, but I just wanted someone to have my back through the process.”

Counting Guerrero, Quanell X has facilitated the surrender of 23 fugitives, including the controversial June 2004 surrender of Derrick Forney, who was wanted on suspicion of shooting and wounding a police officer.

During that incident, Houston Police Department officers surrounded Quanell X’s Hummer on Texas 288 when the activist and Forney were en route to police headquarters. Forney was taken into custody, but Quanell X was charged with evading arrest.

A Harris County jury later found Quanell X guilty of a misdemeanor count of fleeing police. He was sentenced to six months of probation, fined $300 and ordered to perform 30 hours of community service.

Despite the incident, Quanell X said Tuesday that he felt compelled to continue assisting with surrenders to ensure the public’s safety.

“If I don’t help them, who will?” he said. “Someone has to help facilitate and be a peaceful negotiator so no harm comes to officers, suspects or the community.”

After the Forney incident, Police Chief Harold Hurtt said the department would no longer allow private citizens to arrange to bring suspects or fugitives to police. Guerrero, however, was the second fugitive that Quanell X has helped surrender since the Forney incident.

No policy against deals

Houston police spokesman Alvin Wright said there is no policy preventing HPD from dealing with Quanell X or any citizen in surrendering fugitives.

“We don’t encourage making those kinds of arrangements, but … sometimes that’s the only way a person will turn themselves in,” he said.

On Tuesday, Guerrero wore a bandage from the single gunshot wound he sustained to the back of his left leg — a wound he says is evidence that HPD Sgt. J.R. Chase shot him without provocation.

The group drove to a downtown parking lot, where Guerrero sank into a wheelchair. Flanked by New Black Panther members dressed in black uniforms, Quanell X wheeled Guerrero to the HPD headquarters at 1200 Travis, where he was met by a throng of reporters before detectives escorted him away.

Conflicting accounts

Houston police said Chase, a 21-year veteran officer, responded to a call at 10 p.m. June 16 about an assault with weapons. A caller told Chase that one suspect had a gun.

While driving up to the complex, police said, Chase found a chaotic scene with up to 100 people. A person at the scene told Chase that he had been assaulted by Guerrero and the suspect’s brother, Joshua. The witness also said Guerrero was armed with a gun.

At the scene, Chase ordered Guerrero to lie on the ground on his stomach. Distracted by a witness, Chase said he turned his head then looked back at Guerrero to see that the suspect had stood up, pulled a pistol out of his waistband and pointed the gun at the officer.

Chase said he thought Guerrero fired the weapon at him once before the officer discharged his weapon twice.

Guerrero said the incident started when he confronted a young man he thought had stolen his $2,000 necklace. Guerrero admits that he hit the man at least twice, but he said he never had a gun.

But police say witnesses confirmed Chase’s story.

Guerrero’s brother, Joshua, also was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Both have prior felony convictions.

Slumpo’s take on the Chronicle Article – obviously… I am a fan!  🙂

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BLAST FROM THE PAST – North Division Greenspoint Award for Operation Greensweep!

NHGreenspoint Chamber gives Public Safety awards

These officers were recently honored with awards by the Chamber’s Public Safety Committee, headed by Jerry Lowry. Officers are from the Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff’s Department, Aldine ISD Police Department, and Greenspoint Mall Security. Also pictured are Larry Lipton with the Community Service Award, Ray Bajarano, Greenspoint Mall Manager, and Chamber Chair Bill Ginder and President Reggie Gray.
GREENSPOINT– Awards for outstanding service in the field of public safety were given out by the North Houston Greenspoint Chamber last Thursday, at their monthly luncheon at the Wyndham Greensoint Hotel.
The luncheon was emceed by Jerry Lowry, past Chairman of the Chamber, and a past police officer with the Houston Police Department.
Lowry punctuated his presentation with personal anecdotes from his career, remembrances of HPD classmates, some of whom were present and award recipients, and a moment of silence honoring Pct. 5 Deputy Constable Jason Norling, who lost his life in the line of duty last week, and Prison Guard Susan Canfield of Huntsville, who also was killed in the line of duty. These cases emphasized one of Lowry’s themes, that police work is inherently dangerous, and the men and women who devote their lives to this service deserve recognition and thanks, such as this awards banquet and day to day involvement with their communities.
Special thanks was extended to officers that helped organize the recent Law Day at Greenspoint Mall:
HPD Chuck Bertels, Kathy Janyes, HCSO John Soileau.
Awards were given to the following:
Community Service Award, Larry Lipton, chairman of the 1960 area Community Alliance;
Unit Service Award, to the Aldine ISD Evening Shift, including dispatchers:
Gustavo Adame, Marc Harris, Keith Warren, Renee Hall, Cpl. Sue Frank;
Special Recognition Awards:
HCSO Deputy David Willis, stopped robbery in progress;
HPD Officers David Eagan and Catherine Gentry, worked to close a slum apartment complex;
Greenspoint Mall Security, James Isaac, Max Balderrama, Robert Spencer apprehended burglary suspects with HPD help;
HPD Officer K. W. McDonald, proactive in investigating and apprehending suspects in the burglary of motor vehicles;
Distinguished Service Awards:
HPD Officers Gregory Shaull, John Malott, Brad Tikulski arrested suspects in the robbery and assault at a liquor store on Aldine Bender;
HPD Officers Jim Simmons, Jose Lopez, and Devin Farrell, apprehended a vehicle on the North Freeway with heavily armed occupants with prior arrest records;
HPD Officers Genarrow Patton, Rogolio Ramirez, who helped save the life of a baby that was not breathing by administering CPR;
Distinguished Unit Award:
To Operation Greensweep of the HPD North Division Tactical Section:
Day Shift– Lt. C.J. Day, Sgt. R.L. Klotz, Officers J.B. Dillard, D. Smith, D.D. Thomas, M.D. Smith, K.R. Huey, S.W. Kutach, J.B. Norwood, K.A. Buchanan, B.K. Roland, A. Cisneros, G.E. Dillon, C.A. Farquhar, and Data Operator, civilian G.J. Deitz;
Evening Shift– Sgt. J.R. Chase, Officers R. Massey, S. Burk, M. Chapnick, C. Rozek, S. Zakharia, K. Berg,l and J. Oliver.
This unit was cited for outstanding effort in a public/private collaborative effort, known as Operation Greensweep.

Utilizing both uniformed and plainclothes officers, the Tactical Section used various techniques to combat the criminal element; including crime analysis reseach and crime pattern alerts, high visibility patrols, tactical crime sweeps, street prostitution investigations, narcotics buy-bust operations, narcotics search warrants, and decoy operations in the area targeting motor vehicle crimes.
Due to the success of this collaborative effort of the police and local citizens in developing, funding and implementing this type of operation, it has become a model or template for similar operations in other areas of Houston.
Here is what they accomplished since Feb. 2007:
-643 citizen and business contacts
-556 self-initiated cases
-389 arrested and charges suspects, including 279 felonies and 140 misdemeanors
-252 municipal citations/warrants served/cleared
-seized $3.5 million of illegal narcotics
-seized $51,000 in cash, and 16 firearms.
Business Partner of the Year:
Ray Bejarano, General Manager, Greenspoint Mall, a former police officer himself, cited for donations of space and support for HPD;
Officer of the Year:
Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Shriver, cited for his work in the Airline District for exemplary service that goes well beyond the call of duty.
Shriver is a graduate of MacArthur High School, having played football there. He has been a deputy sheriff since 1991, a life long goal.
Since Jan. 2006 when he was assigned to the Airline District, he has accomplished the following:
-117 felony arrests
-280 misdemeanor arrests
-1083 citations
-251 charges filed
-4,669 calls for service
-$30,000 in drug money seized.
These statistics average 2.75 tickets or arrests per day, and 8 calls for service per day.
In particular, he was honored for answering a call while on patrol, and saving a woman who was a victim of a horrendous stabbing and assault. With quick action he arrested the perpetrator and helped save the life of the woman.
The awards ceremony luncheon was attended by several hundred business persons, Chamber members, and public safety officers.
Sponsors of the event included Caldwell Companies, Greenspoint Community Partners, Greenspoint District, Greenspoint Mall, Hawes Hill Calderon LLP, Houston Airport Systems, Hydril LLC, Nitsch & Son Utility & Bellmar Civic Club, North Houston Bank, North Harris College, Primeway federal Credit Union, and Wyndham Greenspoint Hotel.


Just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you guys how special it was to work with you and remind you of what an incredible job we did with what we had!!!

All the best,


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