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Oh…. the pain!

Dead Guy A guy just died and he’s at the pearly gates, waiting to be admitted, while St. Peter is leafin’ through this Big Book to see if the guy is worthy. St. Peter goes through the Book several times, … Continue reading

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Talking about Taking on PETA over new ad campaign – The Situation with Tucker Carlson –

  Quote Taking on PETA over new ad campaign – The Situation with Tucker Carlson – MSNBC.comSkip   What a sad world we live in where this is in the news.  Yup… I kill fish, deer, pigs… all kinds of … Continue reading

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Christmas Wish Lists

Emily (and Katherine) wanted to make sure any potential Santas out there understood the scope of cup size they were requesting when they referred to the "green cup"  See attached pictures for a better understanding of this topic  🙂   … Continue reading

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Boss man – I can’t make it in today

Had one officer carted off to the hospital yesterday and another one never made it in….. Flu.  Had someone drive the one poor fella home and went about my business…. police work in the big city.  Went to dinner with … Continue reading

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Today was Rain, Rain Rain…. four major accidents in about five minutes around 290/loop area, so everyone got to get wet 😦  sigh….  Still too warm, does not feel at all like the day after Thanksgiving.  First time in several … Continue reading

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Hectic Day

Wrote four letters, did a significant event for a taser discharge, and finished up with an Injury of Duty….  With a few fun calls thrown in the mix – and of course, breakfast at Cafe Aroma!!  Got home around 7ish.  … Continue reading

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Happy Turkey Day

The Buras Family our friends of ours from St. Thomas.  Mrs. Buras taught our kids, and Katherine was in the same class as Christopher (she is going to school out of state).  Currently, Mrs. Buras and her husband are in … Continue reading

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