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Christopher will graduate from the Police Academy this Wednesday!!


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Middle Eastern Dust Storm??

It may look like a scene from Iraq,  but this is merely the trip back to Houston from Dallas this last Saturday, just north of Centerville.  Winds were blowing from the West at 50 60 mph on this stretch of … Continue reading

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Saint Thomas Episcopal Church and School makes Final Four in TAPPS State Soccer Tournament

      Saint Thomas Boys Varsity Soccer made it to the State Quarterfinals in Waco, where they went up against a team from Garland.  The game was all you could ask for…. runs on both sides, incredible saves…. lots … Continue reading

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Bill & Sam

Two elderly friends, Bill and Sam, met in the park every day to feed the pigeons, watch the squirrels and discuss world problems.   One day Bill didn’t show up. Sam didn’t think much about it and figured maybe he had … Continue reading

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Ever wonder about the difference between whiskey and bourbon??

For a whiskey to qualify as bourbon, the law–by international agreement–stipulates that it must be made in the USA. Bourbon whiskey follows the same geographical significance that scotch does, it is only bourbon if it is made in Bourbon County, … Continue reading

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Which Super-Amazing Naruto Character Are You?

Sigh…. I just knew it….  You scored as Sasuke. You are Sasuke, the cold, lonely ninja from the elite Uchiha clan in Konoha! You are obsessed with taking revenge on people who have wronged you, especially your older brother Itachi. … Continue reading

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Picture albums to share

The first is not mine, but I thought the pictures were too awesome not to share!! Winter Beauty   The next album may not have the resolution of the prior, but it is close to my heart … Continue reading

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