I’m getting too old for this stuff

After spending the day as a domestic worker (6 loads of wash, housecleaning, etc…)  I did burgers and hotdogs on the grill… reprise from the hunting trip 🙂  Christopher was working and Nicco ate at the Higgins’, so it was just parents and girls… portents of life to come!  After dinner, they did their thing and I retired to the patio with an Oliveros cigar and The Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy.
Interesting words in the book (provided by a spotlighted viewer – almost mirroring my own handwritten list), which contained the oddest punctuation I have read since S. Delany….acacia, acequia, alcalde, almagre, anchorite, archimandrite, arroyo, artemisia, azotea, bagnio, baldric, bodega, boleta, bungstarter, bursar, cabildo, caisson, cartouche, chaparral, chattel, cholla, corbel, cordillera, coulee, crinoline, dorys, dragoon, egrets, enfilade, esker, fandango, farrier, felloes, filibuster, fulgurite, fusil, galena, guidon, gypsum, hackamore, holothurian, ilex, isomer, jacal, jakes,  jornada, kiva, lazarous, lemniscate, littoral, malabarista, malpais, matraca, mortice, nopal, ocotillo, palmilla, paloverde, pannier, playa, plover, porphyry, presidio, pulque,  purlieu, quirt, rebozo, remuda, revetment, sacristy, saguaro, sally-gate, scantling, scapular, scow, scree, scrog, selvage, solpuga, sotol, spall, specie, sutler, suttee, swale, tamales, tern, thrapple, tumbril, tyrolean, vedette, viga, vinegarroon, weskit, whang, wickiup, withers, yucca….you get the idea… yuck yuck yuck,
I, unfortunately, cannot say that I got the point of the book.  There were some good passages that more than held my attention.  I even came to ignore the lack of punctuation.  But… the excessive violence (which I have no problem with…) or what caused it to occur when it did, I did not understand.  The kid seemed to be mostly a tool which given his developing personality, I would not have expected.  I am a firm believer that writers have a right to write the story that is right for them… however, in any world I respect… the kid wins…. that’s all I’m saying!!!
After finishing the book, the cigar, and a glass of Gentleman Jack and Coke… I retired to the living room to watch the second half of the UT-USC game with Christopher.  What can I say but WOW!!!!  Great game to watch.  Of course, that means I stayed up much too late!
This morning, I made the mistake of turning on the playstation.  It has a game called Medal of Honor: Frontline… I am now on scenario three of nineteen.  The flesh may be willing, but the mind is weak.  I could be working out right now.  Had to call in to court, because I did not realize how time had slipped away.  Sigh…  Oh, here is the walkthrough – hehehe!!!

Talk philosophy, aesthetics, and critical theory to anyone willing to listen to me carry on.  Topics: futurology, schizoanalysis, criminology/penology, legal theory, history of ethics, science-fiction studies, poetry, evolutionary psychology, paralogic, quantum theory, existential phenomenology, American pragmatism, philosophy of science and mind, Egyptology, aesthetic theory, narratology, cult exitology, progressive metal, Graeco-Roman studies, art history, comparative theology, film and literature.

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  1. Dominique says:

    Hey there! Tnx for visiting my blog 🙂 I don\’t know the photographer… but he makes good pictures! Actually, keep visiting my blog, because very soon I will post in English only. Will stay in Cape Town, South Africa for a few months, so people there want to read what I have to say about them too, I guess 🙂 Sorry for the inconvenience now… It\’s just that my whole life is in Dutch at the moment, so it feels a little bit weird to write stuff in English! 🙂 Hope to welcome you again soon on my blog. Keep going on with this one, it looks very nice! Cool kids!Grtz from Holland! Dominique

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