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Walk on the Wild Side by noexit

Life For the Moment Livin’ one day after the nextGot no time to catch my breathAlways gotta worry ’bout the things I doWhat I’m about and who I’m talking to I’m too lazy to get off my assAnd figure out … Continue reading

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Scary movies can bring out a good case of onychophagia – pretty geeky, eh?

onychophagia (on-i-ko-FAY-juh, -jee-uh) noun    The practice of biting one’s nails

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Just because you are paranoid does not mean they aren’t really out to get you!

Technology facilitates Caller ID spoofing – Totally scary stuff!  Be careful what you say and who you say it to…. (I say this as I type and send these words into the void ) My transfer holds up for at least … Continue reading

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Come see Nicco’s band play this Sunday at Fitzgerald’s!!

Oh gosh… they grow up so fast!!  Here is flyer for Nicco’s next gig at Fitzgerald’s.  The band name has changed from Chaser to N0Exit:   Come see N0Exit at Fitzgerald’s Sunday, April 30th at 5:45       … Continue reading

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Bless us and pray for us Saint Dymphna

in the hour of our need.  Or… why do you have to sneak onto my bed you mangy mutt!   Since Emily has gotten a bit older, its tough to fit both her and Dymphna on the same twin size … Continue reading

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Some days are diamonds….

It’s 3am and here I am.  Had two root canals yesterday and worked overtime this evening.  Thought I was doing okay until the very end and started feeling pretty sorry for myself… shoulda taken a little bit more Aleve 🙂  … Continue reading

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John Ringo

Thursday – Was picking up the fourth book in the Garth Nix Series, "Mr. Thursday", for Emily when I saw "Ghost" by John Ringo.  Read the first few paragraphs and was hooked.  Brought it home and read the first two … Continue reading

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