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Rules of Combat

. Rules of Combat USMC Bring a weapon. Preferably, bring at least two. Bring all of your friends who have weapons. Bring their friends who have weapons. Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammo is cheap. Life is expensive. … Continue reading

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Girls Jumping Diva

These are a series of short videos of the girls’ lessons with Juan the Olympic Trainer.  They are learning along with Diva how to jump.  Pretty interesting stuff! 2008 – July – Callegari Stables – DIva

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4th of July in San Diego

Lizzy (my sister) turned 40 this Sunday.  We all met up in San Diego (Chris’ home town) to celebrate. Since Valerie was helping to take care of the twins and Nicco was in Arlington, it was up to the girls … Continue reading

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Michael and Alex

at the house.  Obviously, the dogs have adjusted quite well… 🙂  Grandpa… still a bit skittish -tends to talk in a really creepy voice (at least according to Emily)!! twins 06-08

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