Saturday Fun

Up early this morning to take Valerie’s Vera Cruz in to the dealership – the back hatch wont open. Just about lost it when the service writer tried to make me leave because I did not have an appointment. Told him I just wanted someone to look at the latch, verify it was out, and order a new one, so I could take a day off and come back for the work. Luckily, the head mechanic was walking by with his coffee and donut and said, “That sounds interesting” He took a look at it, verified it was the switch, ordered it from another dealership and had it switched out within two hours. If things had gone the service writer’s way, I would have NEVER gone back there. Now… they still have a chance… 🙂

After spending 500 bucks on either bad engineering or planned obsolescence, I got Katherine and we went to see Grandma Sandi at the Cottage today. She seemed to be well… the places she had been picking on her face seem to be clearing up. She seemed to recognize both Katherine and me and was able to form a few questions. We sat and listened to the western singer who was there to celebrate the February birthdays… he was good!

I have learned that my time limit is right around 12 minutes… after that the visit tends to degrade. Today, she did so well, asking what classes Katherine was taking and lighting up at a couple of her responses. I did my best not to ask any questions, because I have figured out how much that frustrates her, but I finally asked if she had eaten lunch, to which she replied, no… no need, they are going to kill me anyway. I managed to hold off the investigative instinct and just asked if she would like me to talk to the administrator. The moment passed, but I could tell mother was ready for us to go. No moral or good ending to the story… just an update.

Got a nap in after getting home and then we went to BRC off of Washington. Met up with all of V’s siblings that live near the Houston area… filled two tables! Food was awesome, and I had a Spartan Franziskaner Hefeweisse that absolutely hit the spot. This was my Risky Business day for eating…. What the *&^%… I will eat good tomorrow, eh?

Got home at a reasonable hour and got enough sleep to handle working double at the hospital tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

All the best,


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