Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom far far away. In the kingdom, there was a king who loved his daughter very much. She was the princess who was the most beautiful princess in all the lands. An idea had come to her to make a thoughtful gesture to the shepherd boy. His name was Edmund. He was a superb lover of sheep. Princess JuliaRoberts wanted to help give Edmund the best present a shepherd boy could have. She decided on his birthday to give him a magnificent horse so that he could expand his farming business to include horses as well as sheep, and then she questioned herself, if he is such a superb shepherd, why am I giving him horse? But then her father interrupted her msuigns, and told her to encourage her friend to strive for his dreams, because edmund had always wanted to be a stablehand. And Princess JuliaRoberts wondered what was wrong with being a shepherd boy and why being a stable hand was so much more grand. She was also a fan of silly little rhymes. Her father then told her to stop being such a ninny, because there were moer many possibilitie in the horse industry. Maybe he could even be a large animal vet and take care of more than just sheep.

Themes: Star Wars, I am your father, subterranean evil

It was two days after she had been chosen for her gift. She stood in front the Citadel and contemplated what was in store for her. She also admired all of the architectural wonder, specifically the multitude of tall pointy towers. Weren’t all the wizards really old men? That seemed like a lot of stairs. Maybe they were slinky enthusiasts. It was the only upside to having to walk that many stairs that she could imagine.
She took a deep breath and walked through the gates into a crowd of novices wearing the red robes of their class. This would be her new home and she hoped she would have friends among her fellow students. She refused to be defined by other people, however no man is an island. She wasn’t a man, but she felt this applied to everyone.
She looked around her at the group that she had traveled with to the compound. None were from her village, most they had picked up at the larger city of Nireme. So far she hadn’t had a chance to really talk to any of them, since most of them already knew each other. As the group stood confused in the large courtyard in front of the main building, a stone building, short compared to the towers surrounding it, a brown robed apprentice with a superior attitude that Teresa found annoying, came to tell them where they would be going.
“Hello noobs. I’m not your father, your mother or your friend. I have no feeligns whatsoever about you. Walk that down that path there,” he gestured vaguely to his left, “and talk to Maigster Quentin. He’ll get you settled.” He walked off as quickly as he had come. Damn, thought the foul mouthed Teresa. That was helpful.
Jasper, the guardsman who had led them there, came back from his conversation with what looked to be a Magister fo the Citadel. He looked at the departing apprentice.
“I suppose that was Henry over there who was supposed to tell you what to do. This is where my job ends though, so good luck to you.” Teresa was sad. Even though they hadn’t traveled together long, the guardsman was one of the nicest people in her 13 years on this harsh plane of existence. She liked to wax eloquent at times. She also thought that others planes of existence had it a hell of a lot easier.
It seemed to her that the mages of this Citadel were not very helpful. After Jasper left, the magister he had been talking to looked over at them perplexedly, picked a daisy, took off his left shoe, and promptly hopped away.
One of the older boys in the group, Edmund, she thought his name was, expressed what all of them were thiking “what the fuck?”.
“Well let’s go! We have so many amazing things to do, I can’t wait to get started!” chirped the perpetually happy girl named Lolita.
Teresa groaned inwardly and the group headed off down the most likely path. After passing two dragon statues, a beautiful garden and a fountain full of a suspicious dark red, viscous substance, they arrived at a long brown building, in front of which was standing a magister.
“Hello, novices…. ”

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