Low light…

Got Thursday night off and went to Low Light Shooting Course on Friday… got to shoot in the dark, with a flashlight, my night sights, and then with a weapon mounted light. Had a great time and caught up with some folks I have not seen in years. Spent the evening with Patron, Netflix issues of Psyche, and then Last House on the Left. Woke up Saturday remembering why I don’t drink very much Tequila!!!! Have to rehydrate and get ready for the Dynamo game tonight…

In terms of a total disconnect… I like the story about the 70 year old millionaire that had a beautiful young trophy wife. When he was asked how he managed to get such a beautiful wife, his reply was:



“I lied about my age. I told her I was 95!”


P.S. Check out ‘The Usual’ by Chris Spisak

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