Cops on Top

Last week, I drove up to Dallas and joined several of their officers in a climb of Guadalupe Peak for Cops on Top in tribute to officers killed in the line of duty.  I had been thinking about Tim quite a bit recently, especially with his killer’s case being reviewed in the higher courts. This climb was a way for me to spend some time with the whole thing without the pressure of work, family, etc… in the way.

Driving with the Dallas officers was great!!  At the end of the day, not much difference in personalities, but new faces nonetheless.  I got to hear some great stories – and they were all new!!!  🙂

We stayed at Carlsbad, NM – I spent the night in both nights – figured I was here for a reason and partying would get in the way of both climbing and introspection!!

The climb was everything I figured it would be…. horribly hot and great view – how else can I put it??  Pictures are here – Cops on Top – Guadalupe Peak – Texas, 2011

I brought a challenge coin, a picture, and a bible given me by Tim’s wife.  I also brought a picture given me by Tim way back when.

Tim’s loss still cuts – I walked outside this winter during our one and only snow and started tearing up… did not even realize why until I was told – It snowed like the dickens after Tim was killed and his family was coming in.  I still remember the hush that comes with snow and walking up to Tim’s house to see the family and everyone gathered around the heaters in the garage.  Snow…. now it makes me cry and I can’t seem to control it. So be it.

Tim – just wanted you to know that you are not forgotten – not in the least.

Philippians 1:21, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

Until then,


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