Popcorn Humor…

Nuclear Radiation Tester for the Home 

If you are at all concerned about radiation fallout from Japan’s Fukushima reactor, here’s a readily available, innovative and inexpensive radiation tester you can use anywhere in your home. 
1. Open a bag of Orville Redenbocker microwave popcorn. 
2. Leave it on a table and if it starts popping, you’re in trouble. 

Tonight starts the big push towards the Final Four.  Several streets have been re-paved, special assignments have been made, and most importantly – Fan sites for those who don’t have tickets, but still want to party have been designated – a huge majority in my area (Mid-Town, Washington Corridor, and the Heights).  Here’s hoping that everyone behaves and has a great time!!! 
Go Kentucky….   🙂
Approved Fan Sites or just go with the best (Cadillac Bar of course!!!)
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