The Chase Family Christmas Newsletter – 2010

Christmas is here again.  We hope the season finds you all well and happy!

Here, life is hectic, but not too much change from last year…  Christopher is still in court over the twins – 😦  The longest divorce ever!  Nicholas is finishing up next semester at U of H, then off to the Navy Nuclear Program.  Emily is having a great time at Angelo State (she maxed out her latest PT score!).  Katherine had a great jumping season until the last competition which was highly successful in that she was not injured!!  Unfortunately, last week the injury caught up… Diva shied at a jump and Katherine came off and bashed one of the supports with her calf.  Doctor’s visits and x-rays later, it is a really really really bad bruise – gonna have to wait to see the extent of damage/recovery.  😦  No jumping for a while – may work on dressage lessons when she gets better since the leg will take a pretty long time to heal.

On a more positive note, Diva is at a new stable, Woodlands Equestrian Club, and the head trainer, Marta Renilla, has been giving the girls lessons on her stallions.  The girls are in heaven – and no, we can not buy a spanish stallion!!!!!  🙂

Grownup stuff is pretty much the same, just a year down the road.  I am typing this as quickly as I can, because we have everyone here, including Grandma Sandi and Grandpa Larry here and it is almost time to take the twins back…

Sadly, Valerie’s Tante France passed this month and she and Chantal went to Limoges for the funeral.  Kids all realized how much they appreciate Mom!!

I (Jay) have been going Paleo (Caveman diet) since the 1st of November and have lost about 30 lbs – huge advocate now!!! Meat and veggies – no complaints… still miss potatoes and pizza though!

Here is The Cat Carol by Meryn Cadell – Click anywhere here to listen – Hope you like it.

Here’s hoping you have the happiest possible 2011!

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