Congratulations Saints

Back story…. Nicco was driving down 59, and let a driver move into his lane.  Of course, the car in front of that one stopped short, Nicco did not react in time….. and – his first at-fault accident… 😦  This means that he had to drive the truck, since he has to get to school.  All this to say, I missed the first state cross country meet in years.

Katherine took the bus and left Friday at lunchtime.  The state meet was in Waco, where it has been for the past several years.  They spent several hours getting dinner at the Olive Garden, then got back to the hotel, where there were plenty of issues getting non-smoking rooms and the like…  Luckily all worked out well enough for them to get a decent night’s sleep.

Race the next day went very well.  Both the girls’ and boys’ teams won first in state.  That was a first in STE history and the boys won by over 60 points!!!!  That is some serious domination…. number seven runner placed 11th in the race!

On the drive back, the bus broke down, so they ended up back in Houston around 9pm… another adventure under the belt.  Sorry I missed it… no pictures this year.


Katherine had jumper competition at Lane’s End.  Unfortunately, the travelling, running, sunburn, etc… helped out a burgeoning case of the flu -which hit right before her first ride.  She was able to focus during the rides themselves, but felt miserable pretty much the rest of the time…  She got a first, second and third.  Juan (the olympic trainer) said she should get sick more often.

Katherine has missed the last two days of school – but is finally starting to look a bit less peaked.  Maybe tomorrow.

I had SWAT scenario on Sunday – awesome fun!!!  Monday was an actual day off until 6:30, when I worked the Cadillac.  Unfortunately, I came down with the same thing Katherine has, so…. nothing exciting, but laying around watching Bleach (up to episode 205 now).  Cadillac was quiet – kinda kept my distance from everyone.

Court Tuesday morning – in and out.  Now to water the lawn, and pick up around the house.

Have a good week!

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