Emily visited for the weekend!

I had in-service training Wednesday thru Friday… really neat stuff about how drugs are transported down the highways (that’s how it ties to my current job :)).  So, I had Friday night off and I got Saturday off.  Emily came in from San Angelo on Friday afternoon, arriving that evening.  We visited a bit, then on Saturday morning – Emily took Katherine’s scheduled riding lesson and I took Katherine to the 1st Annual St. Thomas Episcopal Invitational Cross Country Meet.  She did not run (she took a fall during a lesson on Tuesday and we figured it was better to be safe than sorry!!) but helped out with the course and finish line.  I got to handle one of the interior intersections on the course – got to see all the races, but really only took pictures of the girls’ race.

Everybody seemed happy with how St. Thomas put the race on and we headed back to the house.  Bit of smoked salmon and almond milk for lunch and I headed off for a nap. Got up in time to visit some more with Emily, then we all headed down to Monica’s for Chantal’s 76th birthday party. Monica, as usual, mades lots and lots of awesome food, of which I ate the lamb and green beans (trying to eat “paleo”). Emily and Nicco were constantly trying to get my attention, talking about how good the chocolate desserts were.  Kids…. sigh.  🙂

A little bit of drama with Christopher dropping the kids off to the soon to be ex, but we got it sorted out. I will be ever so glad when that is sorted out.  Poor little fellas were not happy campers.  I came home and hit the patio. watched about four episodes of Bleach and smoked a L’empira.  Weather was cool – it was awesome!!

Today, we slept in, did lunch at Saltgrass – then packed Emily up and sent her on her way back to San Angelo.  She’ll be back in a little over a month for Thanksgiving.

I am about to get my uniform on – working the soccer game today.  Go Dynamo!!

Hope everyone is well!!


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