The Chase Family Christmas Letter – 2009


Mary holding Jesus

Therefore the LORD Himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a Son, and shall call His Name Immanuel" (Isaiah 7:14).

Thanksgiving 09 110

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Chase Family


 Hello all!!
Here we are at the end of 2009 already. My how time flies!!  Here in Houston all is well – Kids are doing good in school and I am adjusting to my new role in the police department (and as a grandpa Open-mouthed).  Hope everyone out there is well and that we can get some visiting done this next year. As always, if anyone wants to come to hot, humid, Houston – just give us a shout!!  In the meantime, please accept our heartfelt wishes for a Very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!
Jay, Valerie, Christopher (and the twins), Nicholas, Emily, Katherine, and of course the various critters

Well, if your are still around and if you are brave of heart (with extra time on your hands) I have included a little of what each of us has been doing this year as well as… yeah, you guessed it – PICTURES!!!
 Thanksgiving 09 086 11-27-09 NFF 00068 DSC03696
Katherine, as usual, is acing her sophomore year (including Calculus).  She is up to 31/2 feet, jumping Diva and had a pretty good showing in Cross Country.  She is looking forward to track season!  BTW – the pencil illustration of Mary and Jesus was drawn by Katherine and used by the School as their annual Christmas card!
 11-27-09 NFF 00004 11-27-09 NFF 0002112-06-06 020
 Emily has spent the fall away from home at Angelo State University.  She is enjoying her classes and expects mostly A’s!!  We are happy!  Open-mouthed  She has a partial scholarship through the Air Force and has been enjoying the experience.  She recently took the AFOQT and is hopefully in the running for one of the national scholarships.  She is now balancing her interest in being a doctor with the idea of being a pilot.  Ahhh.. to be young again!! 
 Reckless Endeavor - 121909 - 01 Thanksgiving 09 147 Thanksgiving 09 070
 Nicholas has been keeping up his band, beer brewing, poker playing and once in a while…. school.  Actually, his grades have been hanging in there and he is in the running for some exciting opportunities!  He came and ran with us for Thanksgiving and learned that the girls were faster than he remembered!!  He does a great job helping out with the twins. We’ll certainly miss him if he ends up leaving town, because he is the impetus behind most of our social endeavors!
Christopher (and the twins)
 IMG_2003 Reckless Endeavor - 121909 - 02
 Christopher has been rocking along with Alexander and Michael in tow.  The divorce is still not final, but seems to be moving forward.  The kids are getting bigger every day.  They are mobile, vocal, energetic, way too smart, and cute as the dickens…. not to say they can’t wear a soul out… 🙂  We get them half a week and enjoy every minute of it!
Valerie is stil teaching French at St. Thomas and enjoys her job.  She spends the majority of her nights like most teachers… grading papers!!  I have ultimate respect for school teachers… it’s a lot of work!  No real plans for vacations or anything besides school, work, barn and church – at least not while there are still two kiddos in college.
.OA1R0067  Thanksgiving 09 148 12-06-06 051
I was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to Traffic Enforcement nights with Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off (9pm – 7am).  Imagine that… twenty years later – here I am back on the DWI Task Force.  I have been making one or two arrests every night in addition to the requisite lieutenant duties.  My big goal for next year (the big 50) is to do the "Hotter Than Hell Hundred" bike ride in Wichita Falls next August.  Anyone wanna do it with me???  🙂
"Lumpy" – Thanksgiving 09 179
"Dymphna" – dd
"Sasuke" – Thanksgiving 09 146 
"Pocket Kitty" – pp
"Diva" – 11-27-09 NFF 00009 
 And here are some golden oldies I came across when we visited Grandpa Larry!!
img001 img002 
Jay R. Chase
Copyright © 2008 [Chase Family -Houston, TX USA]. All rights reserved.

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