Family Update

Middle of May finds me promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and in charge of the night shift Traffic Enforcement. Great group of guys and they are helping me get my bearings and adjust to new hours…  My Tac guys gave me a great going away present of an incredible box of cigars.  Ahhh… life is good!  Open-mouthed
Valerie is looking forward to the end of the school year and more time at home with the grandkids.  I am hoping she does a little more riding at the stable too!
Emily is finishing up her senior year in style.  She made first team all-district in soccer and was captain of the team this year.  She was accepted to seven schools and decided on Angelo State where she will be pre-med.
Katherine came in third in district in the 400 this spring.  We are hoping she breaks 60 secs next season.  She is looking forward to a lot of time at the stables this summer!
Nicholas is still at U of H working on his Chemical Engineering degree.  I think he is taking classes this summer.
Christopher is working at North Division Patrol and seems to be having a grand time.  The grandkids come over from Wednesday through Saturday, so we get to spend a lot of time watching them grow – great fun.
Hope you like the pictures and feel free to drop a line sometime!
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