Busy Weekend

Still no date for the Lt’s assessment.  Studying GOs and working on my "managerial persona".  I’ve already had a few nibbles for positions – makes it all the more nerve racking – having folks expect to perform well enough to go in the first group.  Finalized written list should come out sometime between today and middle of next week.
Taking Rockhill and Halton’s Assessment Preparation class.  I thought about not doing it, but that would make me the one of fifty…. so here’s to the herd mentality!!!
Veronique and Dominic come into town today – I am giving them a ride to airport, where they will take three flights, stay in a "Hotel Pod" in Heathrow, and finally end up in South Africa for Genevieve’s wedding.  I hope everyone has a great time!
Katherine ran last night – 400 and 200 meters.  Did quite well – first time for her to experience a 20-30 mph headwind!!!  She wasn’t so fond of that. There team took second in the 4 x 400 and her leg was probably one of the most entertaining races of the meet – she and the other girl must have changed places five times, before Katherine kicked down the backstretch (against the wind, no less).  I was very proud!!
Came home to grilled sausage and mashed potatoes – watched Burn (new family obsession), walked the dog 3 miles and back to studying.
Yesterday, Valerie went to Rodeo with Annette.  The kids and I made Sloppy Joes and 4 Cheese Macaroni – pretty good stuff and fun too!
Tonight is Emily’s final Soccer Banquet – did I mention that she made 1st team All District as a defender!
All for now – have a good weekend!!
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