Mathematicians have problems – chemists have solutions.

Classification of chemistry:

A chemical substance is a substance that:

Physical chemistry: The pitiful attempt to apply y = mx + b to everything in the universe.

Organic chemistry: The practice of transmuting vile substances into publications.

Inorganic Chemistry: That which is left over after the organic, analytical and physical chemists get through picking over the periodic table.

Chemical Engineering: The practice of doing for a profit what an organic chemist only does for fun.

An analytical chemist turns into a procedure.

  • A biochemist turns into a helix.
  • A chemical engineer turns into a profit.
  • An organic chemist turns into a foul odor.
  • A physical chemist turns into a straight line.

    Q1:  What do you get when you cross a Barium and 2 Sodiums???

    Q2:  What do you get when you have a cyclical arrangement of iron atoms???

     (scroll down)





    A1.  Why… a BaNaNa of course!!!

    A2, Sigh…. A Ferrous Wheel!!

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