Daemon – A techno-thriller by Daniel Suarez


Daemon – A techno-thriller by Daniel Suarez

Daemon is going to be a megahit first novel for Mr. Suarez! I liked the concept when I saw the book description. I opened the book up as soon as it was delivered and… I was hooked!

Mr. Suarez writes like a pro. The book seems to be well polished, both technically and grammatically – the lack of which is a pet peeve of mine with many first time authors… the book companies just don’t spend the time to make the product A grade. Not so here. His plot is extremely tight (although you need a little processor space in the noggin to keep up with the various character lines:)) and perfectly paced.

The book touches upon a subject which is not new – AI and how we will interface. However, Mr. Suarez gives a tutorial on game theory as applied to social settings without us ever realizing it! Just as Ender’s Game (my alltime favorite) is now required reading in Marine Command College, I believe that Mr. Suarez’ novel has a place in both high school and college ethics classes. Read the book and let me know if you agree with me. 🙂

Moderate computer literacy will help for a greater enjoyment of the book, but the story stands alone for those who are complete noobs (no prior experience).

Please – read this book – I highly recommend!

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Daniel Suarez

Best Price $17.79
or Buy New $17.79

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