Opening Weekend 2008

Bryan came with me on opening weekend this year.  He brought his 300 Savage with iron sights… but he can hit the  bullseye at 100 yards!  Still, he sat in my stand and saw lots of deer… just out of range of the weapon he had. I think he is ready for the remington with a scope on it.
Weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous.  Days were clear and a tad warm.  Nights were crystal clear and temperature dropped quite a bit.  We stayed up and watched shooting stars both Friday and Saturday.  Friday was a DaSilvio from Perdomo and Saturday was a JFR from Tabacalera Tropical.  Sweet!!
Friday was a bit of a late start.  Finally got out of town around noon.  Everything was going pretty smooth except for some really loud rotational noise coming out of the back end.  No effect on performance though…  Once we got into Bandera, I stopped to get some corn and use the restroom.  Long story short… somehow, we ended up with close to twenty gallons of diesel in a gasoline engine pickup… hmmm.  As luck would have it, Bryan had google on his cell phone and two calls later, we had a wrecker enroute to us.  Two hours later, drained tank, and new tank of gasoline, we were back enroute to the campsite… what an adventure!!
I took a buck on Saturday evening – temperature was dropping, it was dark, and then the cable broke after we hoisted the darn fella up and had already started carving on him.  Got it done despite the comedy routine and came back to camp for steaks and corn – awesome!!
Got to bed about 11ish Saturday night and slept through both of our alarms on Sunday morning.  Luckily, Frank came by the camper and asked if we were going out.  Got dressed real quick and both of us headed out to our respective sites.  I was on the ground watching my barrel and Bryan had the stand  by the airstrip.  I never saw any deer, but heard a pretty big one jump the fence behind me.  By the time I got turned around, there he was… gone!!!  Bryan watched a couple of does gamboling just out of range for most of the morning. So… only one deer taken for the weekend, but had lots of good food and a great time!
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