Things are slowly returning to normal following Hurricane Ike.

The department is probably going to stand down today after being on 12 hour shifts since the hurricane hit.  I actually get my first day off tomorrow!  We will have a second batch of Fort Worth Officers coming down to ride with us on Saturday.  I think the first group had a pretty good time – I know that we sure did enjoy having them here!
Doorway dog made it to the vet finally (had to wait for the clinic to get power and open)  Sarcoptic Mange, Heartworm, Hookworm and bad teeth.  Got everything treated that we could and are trying to keep her comfortable on the back porch.  Anybody want a really sweet dog with an interesting history???
Here is a video I came across that shows a bit of the damage caused by Hurricane Ike – I thought it was pretty unbelievable!
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