Two more Hurricane Ike Refugee stories

Still working twelve hour shifts.  They are changing us from days to nights and we will be working with folks who are coming in from out of town!

Two stories I don’t think I have related to date.

1: Found a rabbit in the street.  It was bruised pretty badly on the underside and looked a bit underfed, but was obviously tame.  Left it in a fellow Sgt’s office.  He came in and started screaming about the mutant cat in his office (City boy – go figure ).  Found a home for it that day.  It’s new name is…  Ike of course.DSC01656

2:  The dogs kept going crazy, so I figured we were going to have to deal with looters or worse.  Came to the front door – saw nothing – finally opened the front door – only to find the mangiest, saddest looking dog I have seen in ages.  We tried to shoo it away to no avail.  Finally, Christopher threw some food on the driveway and we put some water out.  I think the dog looks at the front porch as the loving home it never had… Sigh. As of yet, I have no tail to tell regarding his name… I know – ouch!IMAG0783.IMAG0784.IMAG0785

Someone forwarded this article to me – Worth a look!…

Thought this was a pretty accurate representation of what happened!

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