Hurricane Ike has come and gone – Time to pick up the pieces

Hi all,
We made it through the storm.  It was pretty exciting – crashing trees, exploding transformers, singing wires, and noises and explosions we will never be able to identify!  Power has been out ever since… no water pressure either.  I wish I could say that it’s been an adventure, but the reality is that it’s just painful.  Too hot, too humid, no relief – and so much cleanup left to do.  I know it will all look better after a little bit of sleep, but that will probably come after Friday at best.  We are on 12 hour shifts at work, so I don’t even have any daylight hours to take care of stuff… Oh well, no reason to gripe – we certainly came out of it a lot better than many others.
Forecast to power back on is four days to four weeks!  Water is just as bad – both pumps burned up and are on backorder.
Valerie, girls and Michael and Alexander went to Christophe’s in Bellville.  They now have A/C and all the traditional comforts… Thank you Christophe and Emma!
I am working days and Christopher is working nights. Nicco came over and cooked on the grill yesterday and we watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Akira last night.  Fed the dogs, the cat, and the guinea pig.  Working off my work flashlights (Surefire LED’s are the greatest!!)
I really can’t talk about work much other than to say that things are much better than they were after the last big disaster!!   We ARE able to learn from our experiences!!
Gotta get out there – texting works better than phones!!  Hope all is well with everyone else!
Here are pics from right before, during, and after Hurricane Ike hit.  No rhyme or reason and not sure when I will get a chance to organize… but – they are up!!
Hurricane Ike Links
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