Going Out to Play in Hurricane Ike

Came home after work yesterday as beat as I have been for years.  Night before last on the way home, I heard a pursuit going right by me, so I volunteered to go by.  Long story short, after an extended scene at the end of the chase, we ended up arresting someone who really deserved it!   Fulfilling, but definitely drained the tank! Got home for 2 hours worth of sleep before twins woke up, then feeding and entertaining duties until work. Cut my hair and shaved for uniform duty during Ike and ran off for a meeting at 11:00…. which was cancelled.  Sigh… After work, spent two hours in the Kroger trying to get charcoal – lots of stories of frustrated or inappropriate folks, but also one teenage worker who, obviously tired, volunteered to stay and work – with a smile on her face… at the end of the day, it’s the little things that impress us Angel.
Here is a link to current position of Ike – not sure what it will display after Monday…. but for now, it’s pretty cool:  http://www.stormpulse.com/fullscreen/current
 Before…2008 Sep 11 001                                                                                                                                 After…2008 Sep 11 005
I have had my schedule changed a couple of times the last few days, but pretty sure it is regular hours today and 6-whenever on Saturday.  Nicco has come over and the rest of the family is going to "Shelter in Place".  I had a chance to pick up a Honda Generator at a pretty dear price, but we decided to wait until next year like originally planned.  Here’s hoping we made the right choice!!!
Well, time to get to it… hope all is well in your corner of the world!
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