Sunday Sunday

Work was hotter than the dickens yesterday.  Lots of my guys were burning up the last of their time for the benefit year, so just a few of us there today. Didn’t try to get into anything…. just trolled around a particular area waiting for robberies to drop and hope to find the suspect vehicle.  Man, the bottom dropped out.  No robberies, but all kinds of other crazy stuff.  We spent the whole day running from scene to scene.  Actually, after several days of surveillance punctuated by one adrenaline rush, it was kinda fun to stay busy!
At home, took the kids back to Leah this evening.  They seem to enjoy riding in the car and they are the ONLY ones who appreciate my fine singing voice!!  Got back and played Soccer on the XBox with Christopher.  Valerie made scrambled eggs, bacon, and salad for dinner – Watermelon for dessert.  A good evening!

I Recommend
Am I the only person still watching this???  Sigh.

 Smallville season seven will be coming out late September!! Oh wait… am I the only one still watching it…. sigh.

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