Dallas Visit

Went to Dallas this weekend to visit   Satthe folks.  Had a great time.  Went by Mom’s first and visited for the afternoon.  Rick came by in the evening and we watched Chaos (with Wesley Snipes and Jason Statham) – good movie!!  I was surprised by the lack of martial arts.. it was as much a thinker’s movie as a chop sake.  Saturday Morning, we slept in and then ran by the bank, I-Hop, and Target.  By afternoon, I headed over to Larry’s, where I took some presents from Mother into the house, then off to Mercado Juarez for Dinner.  After dinner, we headed back to the house for a bit, then on to the Ranger’s game against Tampa Bay.  Had a great time.  First time I have seen a pro game in at least a year.  Came home and watched an episode of "Nikita" and off to bed.
Got up Sunday morning and got on the road by 8:00.  Believe it or not… the temperature for the whole trip from Dallas to Houston in mid-august stayed between 74 and 76 degrees!!  What happened to global warming dudes???
Got home right at noon and lazed around the house.  Nicco came over and we all went to our favorite running store Fleet Feet (it was tax free weekend).  Bought everyone a pair of shoes except Katherine (she got some racing flats too!).  After that, we ran by Kroger and picked up fixings for Spaghetti.  Nicco fixed dinner and actually used a garlic press to mash up the cloves and spread on the bread.  A bit pungent, but it all sure did taste good!
Hope your weekend was fun!
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