Emily Looks for a Prom Dress


Emily looks for a Prom Dress!

Emily got asked to the Prom and accepted.  She and Valerie have been looking for dresses for a couple of weeks now, but had not found anything that both agreed on….  Since Valerie had the 8th grade tea with Katherine this Sunday, I volunteered to take Emily dress shopping after church…. at the Galleria, no less!  We shopped the whole place, from fashion designers to Macy’s (where we found the simplest designs, best workmanship and much better prices!!)  The whole thing was in and out.. only six hours!!!  To say that Emily is picky… well, we all knew that anyway didn’t we… hehehe.  Anyway… here are pics of a few of the dresses she tried on.  Ended up with the last two (pink and white) that she and Valerie can decide between.

  05042008(001) Starting the quest

 .05042008(002) hmmm…

 .05042008(011) 2K Ensemble…

 05042008(014) final choice..maybe

Unless of course… she decides to wear this one  Secret telling


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