Saturday, April 12

Woke up to the smell of cooking. Christopher stopped by the house this morning and was cooking everyone french toast. Everyone sat in the living room and chatted a bit before we realized there was no syrup.  Christopher and I jumped into the car and ran up to the convenience store (hence the name!).  Very tranquil morning.  Day got busy pretty quick.  I have work, Valerie has shopping and getting ready for Monica’s wedding next week.  Bryan is off doing the MS 150, so Monica is stressed.  Valerie and Emily will be joining Monica and all the other girls for the "bachelorette party". I hope that the older girls are not so wild as to shock Emily’s sensibilities Angel!
Yesterday morning I got the estimate to replace our sewer line… sigh. At work, I fought fires most of the day and set up for next week.  In the afternoon, I grabbed a Rocky Patel cigar and drove down to Herff Jones, where I got Emily’s senior ring.  Ahh…. nothing like a good cigar to set things right!  Got home and took Katherine to the bayou where we worked on sprint starts (30).  OMG – it killed me!!!  I got home and tried to play Sim City for a bit… fell asleep at the computer.  Went and took a  20 minute nap before driving down to pick Emily up at Christie’s (they had the soccer banquet there last night).  Didn’t even have the energy to light up a cigar on the way down…. now THAT is worn out!!  Came home and managed to play about an hour of SimCity before crashing – (Valerie was watching House).
Nicholas is supposed to come over tonight with Leandra – we will grab dinner and a movie somewhere.
Whatever might come, I have to say that right now… Life is pretty sweet!
Keep the faith,
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