Katherine getting ready for the big meet

Katherine has been picking up steam throughout the 8th grade season.  The last meet she went to, she and Boo Finley were the only 8th graders to show.  They each placed in all three running events they did, making for a pretty good team showing anyway!!  Last Tuesday was the last track meet before the district meet on the 26th, so there is plenty of time to refine and work on technique.
Friday was pouring down rain, but we went out to a local track and did 8×100 striders and technique drills… did the stretching back on the living room floor.  Reminded me of the good old days running with Uncle Ricky… but then next morning, reality hit!!!  I could hardly walk!  Oh well, Katherine didn’t even feel sore… sigh Embarrassed
Sunday was probably the hardest day… Pole progression regression from 100 to 400 and back – all at close to speed.  She finally showed a little strain.  I am taking off from overtime tomorrow and we will hit the track yet again – hoping it is a good day!
Here are pic from one of the last track meets – Notice that on the first pic, Katherine has already caught up with the outside lanes off the first curve!!! She won the race by over five seconds.
.2008 hchs ms track meet 039.          2008 hchs ms track meet 041
 Here is the rest of the album if anyone is interested – I think this was at Cypress Creek.
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