Quiet days off

Saturday at work was a good day… we hit a target location and lost three, but got one with something on him – Not really sure how they knew when we were coming.  Oh well… after work, I took Katherine to the stable.  She rode Diva and I read "Demon Seed" by Dean Koontz.  Pretty easy reading, finished right when she did.  Funny thing… when I was sitting by the side of the arena with my feet up, the barn cat, which has never even let me pet it, came bounding up and jumped in my lap.  It fell asleep before I could even put my book down.  Some kids who were being led around the inside of the arena by their mom yelled out, "How did you get that cat on your lap?"  My answer, "Just got lucky, I guess." was a big hit with the kids… did not seem to be so well received by the mom… sigh.
Evening was quiet – Valerie had taken the girls down to Monica’s to stuff wedding envelopes… whee!  SO, everyone seemed to be pretty tired. We watched Emily’s Sci Fi Horror Spoof – The Evil Cave of Cadavra (or something like that) and Valerie fixed Fajitas – very good.
Sunday was very relaxing.  Took Katherine to three different tracks before we found an open one… had a good sprint workout, then back home to find out that one of my officers was having a crawfish boil.  Valerie had homework to grade and Emily had a paper to write, so that left Katherine and I to head on over and scarf up as many mud bugs as we could hold.  It was great!!!  From there, we went to the stable, where Katherine lunged Diva and I finished my cigar.  Back home and to bed.
Pretty exciting, eh?
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