A Very Merry Christmas to you all!

 Merry Christmas from the Chase Family!


Christmas 2007…  Wow, where does the time go!  This year, the holiday really snuck up on me.  Of course, the 80 degree plus weather for most of December did not help much Smile.
This year, as most, has been pretty darn full.  I will try to fill out a few factoids for everyone and a few links to pictures (of course).

Thanksgiving - Jacksboro - 2007 047DSC04143DSC02624

Katherine is now in eighth grade and is maintaining her usual honor roll / dean’s list status (all on 15-30 minutes of homework a night).  She is running machine, bringing home medals from every cross country race this season. She is really looking forward to running the 400 (meters) this spring.  I am pretty sure that she will join Emily in playing soccer for the high school team next year. 

Saint Anthony Soccer Tournament - 2007 124 .2007 4A State XCountry 146.dsc04213.

Emily is working hard in school, taking several AP’s.  She already passed AP history last year.  At this rate she will be a college sophomore before she graduates high school.  We are currently discussing schools and scholarship options – will keep you updated.  Right now, she is leaning toward the medical fields.  On the sports side, Emily ran some incredible cross country races this year and improved her time in the two mile runs by more than two minutes.  Her personal best at the TAAPs State meet helped the St. Thomas team take a very unexpected 4th place (1st time for the girls’ team to place in school history!!).  Right now, she is playing soccer and is a heck of a defender – it’s fun to watch her play! One small misstep with all the sports and academics… the driving program is a bit behind schedule – but, we’ll get there.
Nicco .n0exit.Katherine Confirmation and Nicco and Emily Birthday 137.Katherine Confirmation and Nicco and Emily Birthday 149
Nicholas just completed his first semester at University of Houston, where he is majoring in Chemical Engineering.  He still plays in his band, N0exit, and they are becoming quite polished.  If you ever get a chance to attend one of their shows, I highly recommend it! Nicco is not doing any sports right now, but I think he has been asked to play in a couple of soccer leagues… As long as it does not interfere with Organic Chemistry, I am all for it Nerd!
Christopher.DSC03591.The Chase Clan.The Cigar Club
Christopher has probably had the most changes this year.  He is now a full fledged police officer (off probation) and has moved to a new station (of course I still get updates!!).  He works night shift and has a busy area, so is learning a lot.  This summer, Leah and he got married and now they are expecting TWINS.  Quite a lot on the plate for young folks, but they seem to be coping well.  They are living in Missouri City and are busy setting up cribs etc…
Valerie.DSC02895.2007-12-08_054DSC04912.Thanksgiving - Jacksboro - 2007 020
Valerie is still teaching at St. Thomas and got some really sweet Christmas presents from her students this year.  It is very endearing to go up to the campus and see some 1st grader run out of line when he sees her, just so he can give her a hug!  She took Emily and another STES girl to France for two weeks where they did a little sight-seeing and then took some intensive French courses.  Valerie likes to spend a lot of time up at the barn these days, walking or brushing Diva and taking the girls to ride.  Oh…. did I forget to mention Diva?? Silly me!  We are now the proud owners of a Trakhener (European Warmblood – about 16 hands high… 1200 lbs Hot)  The girls have been fostering her for the last year or so – I bought her this month as their Christmas present.  We moved her to Callegari Stables, which is closer to the house and drains a bit better.  The move especially seems to have worked out as the girls spend much more time visiting there.
Jay.Thanksgiving - Jacksboro - 2007 012.12072007.
Still working on the tactical team here and loving. Made several high profile arrests in the past year and working lots of hours.  Age has caught up with me a bit – so I am starting to take my workout regime a little bit more seriously.  Walk the dogs between one and eight miles a day… oh, did I fail to mention we picked up a second dog too??  We got "Outlaw" a lab mix, from Christopher and Leah.  Outlaw is now "Shadow" and has integrated pretty strongly into the family… she is a highly fit 55 lb. dog that thinks like a lap dog!!  Makes for some interesting times.  She has finally reached an understanding with Sasuke (the cat) and completely ignores the guinea pig (whose name escapes me at the moment Embarrassed)
The year has seen several marriages (Christopher and Leah, and several friends), an engagement (Valerie’s sister Monica and Bryan) and passings (Brandon and Ned’s mom).  Lots of emotional times.
My wish for you this holiday season is long periods of contentment, excitement when you want it, and peace!  Hope to hear from or see all of you and feel free not to look at all the pictures if you so desire Wink!
Oh yeah.. here are pictures of….
Diva – DSC04898
Shadow and Dymphna (the dogs) – Thanksgiving - Jacksboro - 2007 021
Sasuke (the cat who plays fetch) – dsc04212
And last, but I won’t say least…. the guinea pig (with Christina) Katherine Confirmation and Nicco and Emily Birthday 027
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