Cross Country Race on Memorial Drive

Girls had the Saint John’s annual cross country meet this morning.  For Emily, it was a warmup for the state meet next weekend in San Antonio.  For Katherine is was her last cross country run of the season.  Both girls ran well.  Katherine has not had a lot of experience with hills, and faded to 12th, but still had a great time.  Emily ran strong and had a good kick at the end!  We went to the Smoothie King with the Finleys, then smelled fajitas from Cucos, next door… that’s right, LUNCH!!  Fatijas… it was great!  As we were leaving, we noticed a Framing Shop, "The Great Frame Up".  We talked to Mary, the owner, for quite some time and she really knows her business!!  I am going to take her several prints we need framed and will let you know, but based on what she had in the shop, I can tell she is good!!  While in the shop, the girls and I really were taken by the prints of an artist, Victor Ostrovsky.  He had several pictures of simple objects like wine bottles and glasses… but the clarity was incredible.. like nothing I have ever seen before!  Apparently, Mr. Ostrovsky, gave up his previous profession as a Mossad operative to paint… go figure!!  I highly recommend that you check him out.
Well… work beckons… have a good weekend!
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