October 13 – Katherine’s Confirmation and Nicco and Emily’s Birthday Parties

Big day for family!! Katherine had cross country district meet for Private Middle Schools in the Houston area.  I had worked to three in the morning on Friday nite – Saturday morning, so we left at the last possible minute.  Forgot that they had a fun run on Woodlands Parkway… leaving an hour early did no good at all!!  Luckily, they coaches meeting ran a bit late, so we made it as the boys were finishing.  We both thought that the girls had already run.  Coach Ramsey took one look at Katherine and said, "Boy, you sure are calm for a girl who is about to run in five minutes!"  She did not even have time to put on spikes… ran a couple of hundred yard striders and it was on the starting line.  She and Boo took the lead for the first quarter, but ended up fading a bit. Boo got third and Katherine got fifth… not bad for a quarter miler!!!  Here are the pics:
 http://p.webshots.com/flash/smallslideshow.swf                                                  Image hosted by Webshots.com Click here to see full size!
by houpd
After the race, we had time to go home, change, and get to the church for Katherine’s confirmation.  After the service, we all came back to the house.  Mami fixed up sirloin tips from Omaha Steaks… great stuff.  Monica made a bunch of desserts… I was a bad boy!!!  Had a few beers, then out to the patio with the boys for a cigar.  Nicco had some friends come over after the UH/Rice game – they took over the patio and seemed to have a good time.  Everyone cleared out in time for the girls and I to watch Naruto… good day!!
 http://p.webshots.com/flash/smallslideshow.swf                                                 Image hosted by Webshots.com     Click here for the whole Album   


2007 Houston Private Middle School Regionals  

by houpd

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