Monday monday

Work on Saturday was hot and wet… still made some good arrests though 🙂
Got home and to bed by 3am…. Dogs woke me up around 7…. grrr.  Spent the rest of the day in a pretty grumpy mood.  Went down to Chantal’s to celebrate her and Valerie’s birthdays.  Nicco and Christopher both came by.  Nicco was talking about the play he is directing and all the other things he is doing…  I just hope he is making grades job one!!
In the afternoon, I went by the Cigar Shop… definitely a quiet sleepy day there.  This translated into an afternoon of uninterrupted football for me – yeah!  The Ghurka G3’s came in… awesome smoke – very oily and rich.  Good taste to start, but the first one did not finish as smooth as I had hoped.  Hopefully after a bit of time in the humidor, they will come around to perfection!
When I came home, Valerie had cooked a venison roast, using a recipe from Cook’s Kitchen.  Holy Crap…. that was one of the best meals I have ever had!!!  Blood sugar be damned… I wanted to finish the whole thing in one setting (common sense prevailed, and now we have dinner for tonight too Open-mouthed)
Christopher paged me this morning at 6:45…" u up??"….. Wellllll, I am now!  It was worth it,  I got to hear about his first big car chase!  There are some openings on day shift out where he works, so he is going to put in for them, so he can help out more when the twins come.  What a good kid we raised!
Today – Monday – I get to enjoy having off.  Tomorrow: 16 hours of overtime – not that I am complaining, mind you!
Interesting bits: 
The Difference between knowledge and wisdom
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit.
Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
 This is a picture of Diva looking out the back window.  Emily is considering using it for her art project.
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