Spinhenge and Friends

 When I became a regular at my not so local Cigar Shop at Westbury Square, Cliff introduced me to the world of SETI and the fact that they were using regular folks’ computers to do tiny chunks of needed computations.  I thought this was a pretty cool thing and joined.  After a few conversations, where we realized the scope of the project and probable lack of success, we moved on to more mundane earthly tasks.  If you have a computer you leave up and running all the time – take a look at BOINC and pick a program you would like to give some help to.  You don’t even need to understand the science – it will be cool just to know that you took part in something so important!!
The first is done with traditional HTML, the second without the backward question mark thingy (hey… I just woke up!)
 Today is a day of alternatives… I took 120 pics at cross country race yesterday… you can click on the thumbnail and see them all or… just click on the slide show… Katherine medalled (even though she was sick) and Emily had an excellent sprint at the end, passing up three other girls! Both girls did great!
 Image hosted by Webshots.com                                                                      http://p.webshots.com/flash/smallslideshow.swf

HCHS CC Meet – 2007
by houpd

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