It’s been a little bit

Sorry to let so much time go by.  School has started back up… just two in now – kinda quiet without the boys around.  I am surrounded by estrogen… girls, Valerie, dog(s), and guinea pig.  Only other male in the house is the cat, and he has been fixed… no help at all Smile.
Both girls are in cross country again this year.  Luckily most of the middle school and high school meets are in the same spot.  Emily has taken over a minute off of her time and Katherine has gotten a 9th and 3rd place.  Here are some pics from Royal High School Cross Country Meet last weekend.
Some bad news on the family front.  My nephew Brandon, who is in TDC, was diagnosed with a pretty aggressive cancerous tumor.  The treatment has not had any effect and he is expected to be paroled to hospice/nursing home any day. Larry has been visiting him as much as possible and Brandon has maintained an incredibly positive attitude for someone with so much on his plate.  All this after Brandon passed his GED with more than 700 extra points… sigh.  Brandon has all kinds of prayer groups pulling for him, but one more set of prayers would not hurt!!
On one of Larry’s trips down to visit Brandon at the hospital in Galveston, I was able to score some great seats at a Texans game from Stephanie (many thanks!!)  Here are pics from that memorable whipping of the ‘Pokes.
As you can see from the second picture… Mom made my birthday as usual  🙂
Well, gotta run – I am thinking about shutting down the old houpd web site, so should have more up here soon.
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