Thomas’ Tribute to Sam Hesse

Sam was Christopher and Tom’s classmate.  Tom made a moving tribute  – I thought you guys might like to see it.  I know it moved me…
SAM HESSE died Sunday, April 29, 2007, in Houston, Texas, at the age of 23. With the exception of his college years in England, Sam lived in Houston. He was born in Houston on September 13, 1983, to Stephen and Gretchen (Steib) Hesse. He completed his primary education and his secondary education at St. Thomas’ Episcopal School, the school from which he graduated in May 2002. By the end of his junior year, Sam had developed an intense interest in the art of film and cinema. Sam’s interest influenced his decision to apply for admission to the University of Kent in Canterbury, England, a school renowned for its Film Studies Department. Sam’s years in Canterbury proved to be some of the most challenging and happiest times of his life. Sam excelled academically and, in 2005, the University of Kent awarded him a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Film Studies. After graduation, Sam returned to Houston to involve himself in diverse works and projects, one of which was a campaign documentary about the Texas 2006 gubernatorial election. That project allowed Sam not only to travel with and film one of the candidates for Governor of Texas but also to meet and listen to people from all across Texas. Sam loved sports, especially soccer, and he anticipated the time he would have Dynamo season tickets. He said more than once that being a sports writer was one of his "dream jobs." Sam was justifiably satisfied with the past, mildly dissatisfied with the present, and confidently optimistic about the future. He proved that he could accomplish whatever he set his mind to do, in his own "Sam-I-Am" style. His great sense of humor and keen, but never unkind, wit drew others to him. Sam cultivated and enjoyed the experience of life and inspired others to do the same. His family and friends are profoundly thankful for the too-brief time Sam shared with them. Sam was preceded in death by his paternal grandfather, Sam D. Hesse of San Angelo, TX and by his uncle, Curt F. Steib, Jr. of San Angelo. Sam is survived by his parents, Stephen and Gretchen Hesse; his brother and best friend, Curt C. Hesse; aunt and uncle, Kathy and George Janssen; aunt and uncle, Carol and Bob Butner; uncle and aunt, Clint and Monica Steib of Round Rock; and aunt and uncle Karen and Mark Smith of Sweden. He is also survived by his paternal grandmother, Mrs. Sam D. (Barbara) Hesse of San Angelo, and his maternal grandparents, Judge and Mrs. Curt F. Steib of San Angelo.
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