Easter Vacation

Took off the last few days to spend with family just lazing around.  STES still has spring break right around Easter.  We had Easter dinner at Chantal’s on Saturday.  Christophe and Emma came out with three of their kiddos, Christopher brought Leah and France and Joseph were there.  It was a very nice time!  Christopher and Leah took me out to see Grindhouse afterward.  I thought the movie was a hoot!!!!  I have to figure out who the sheriff was in the second clip.  He was the lead actor in the WORST movie I ever saw…. a movie so bad that it is a classic in my book… no to mention the one time I saw Ms. Crosby nekked  :)…. Arizona Heat (I think… it was a long time ago)  We dropped Leah off and drove back in the freezing rain with me smoking a cigar – I know.. not the smartest thing in the world, but it was a darn good cigar!!
Sunday was steaks at our house and murder mysteries on the Hallmark channel…. and a LOT of Diablo!!  I am surrounded by Elf Lords… I mean Barbarians and Amazons!  Valerie of course abstained and read her G. K .Chesterton.
Monday was another quiet day spent around the house… we were supposed to go out fishing with Captain John out of Galveston, but they crapped out on us… said not enough folks.  I offered to pay the difference to go out in the bay… they still turned me down.  Obviously, those folks did not want to go fishing this week…. sigh.  So instead, Nicco and I went to talk to the friendly folks at the Air Force.  Sounds like some awesome opportunities, but I think he wants to stay in town and go to school… sigh again.  We went to an Engineering dinner at U of H and met one of the professors who seemed very impressed with Nicco.  She was apologetic about us having had no contact from the school accept the acceptance letter.
Tuesday was a bit of a shocker.  Someone from work called and said that the whole assessment process was on hold… we all may have to do it over… I’ll find out more on Friday… but as you can imagine, I am a BIT bummed .  Good news for Tuesday is that Nicco received a letter of apology and enough of a scholarship offer to cover most of Undergraduate School at U of H!!!  I guess it will make the Air Force a bit of a harder sell.  Nicco seemed pretty happy!
Wednesday – We went to the Museum of Natural Science and saw the Rome exhibit.  Great stuff.  Also saw Frogs and some Planetarium.  Girls will stay with France and Joseph tonight, then breakfast at Mamie’s tomorrow.
Nicco took the ASVAB and did "quite" well.  He can schedule the D-LAB sometime next month, and then it is decision time.  It is good to be King .  Well, Christopher just pulled in the drive.  I will chat with him a bit about his day, then I am off to bed and work tomorrow.
Peace be with you!
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