Good Day

Morning started with an incredible storm.  Thunder continuous for at least an hour.  I slept right through it.  Christopher said that Dymphna nosed open his door and jumped in the middle of him and shivered through the whole thing.  What a wuss!
I spent the morning going through one of the last exercises from Rockhill before my assessment center this next week.  Valerie and Emily went down south to do something for Emily’s class contribution to the Auction.  I went to get a haircut, then back home in time to grab everyone and head to Annie’s for burgers before the play.  Met Nicco and Alessandra there and had wonderful heated discussions about all sorts of stuff!!
Next was the play – Tartuffe by Moliere… had a great time.  The last time we will see a few of the kids from Nicco’s class (at least until they make Broadway or the Silver Screen!!).  Home and bed by 11:00…  What swingers we are!
For your viewing enjoyment… one of my older and more popular albums of the Recreation of the Forbidden Gardens.  This exhibit is in Katy, Texas.  I highly recommend visiting at least once!!
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