Katherine’s Track Adventures

I found out Thursday that there was a track meet Saturday.  Hard to handle because I was scheduled to work overtime on Saturday afternoon-evening!  "No probbblem Pop….. the meet starts at 7:15 AM."  I found this hard to believe, but had no time to check out until I got up at 5 something Saturday morning (which was pretty hard since I had worked til past midnight on overtime the night before! )  Luckily, I checked the paper that Katherine found in the bottom of her bag… we had two hours to waste!!  We got to the meet at 9:00 AM and found out that Katherine was scheduled for the Triple Jump and Long Jump before her running events.  I put my foot down on the triple jump, because she had never done it before, and I did not want her breaking an ankle.  Her first long jump was essentially just a long stride… 10′ even.  Next came her second jump, which was confusing because kids were coming and leaving for the first races.  Her second jump was 10’11", enough of an improvement that the pit judge complimented her.  As usual, her response was the raised eyebrow… 🙂  Third jump was 11’9"… put her in the middle of the pack… It is evident to see that she has a lot of room for improvement.. if she is interested in jumping!  Of course, one problem is that St. Thomas has no long jump facilities.  I think they put another batting cage where the track coaches had asked for a long jump pit.  Maybe that will become our Sunday workout… long jumps!!  Bet I could embarass myself pretty badly!!!
After the field event, it was time to get to work.  Katherine first ran the 800 meter run.  There were 24 runners in the race.  Katherine was in a waterfall start after a group of girls that were staggered.  Sounds dangerous…. but no one got shoved to the ground. Katherine got boxed in for about the first 200 yards and that pretty well was the story of her race.  She ended up in fourth place at 2:48…. a couple second improvement over the last race!
The 400 meter dash was a thing of beauty.  There were five heats.  I kept lecturing all of the STE girls that time was all that mattered.  Winning a slow heat could mean nothing.  Holly ran in a different heat and won hers easily.  I  think she missed first place by only a tenth of a second.  Katherine ran in the same race as Jennifer and started out to slow.  Because she was in lane eight… she did not see Jennifer catch up and did not think anything of it until she realized how much ground she was losing on the back turn.  Katherine turned it on, but lost by about 10 yards.  Jennifer got third and Katherine got fourth.
The 4 x 400 race was awesome… all girls ran pretty well.  Katherine led off with a 71 second run and they held first place through the first lap.  The girls ended up second in the race and second overall.  Imagine this… Katherine not only broke a sweat… she was breathing hard after that race!!  I was very proud of her.
Here (of course) are pictures from the race… hope you like them!!
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