A Busy Weekend!

Friday was pretty quiet.  Met Christopher for lunch (fish), then came home and cleaned a bit.  Valerie fixed dinner (Fish again).  Emily went to a friend’s lake house and Nicholas of course was just "out" – actually, I think he went to the rodeo – so Miss Annette was able to chaperone!!
Christopher ended up inviting Leah up for the evening.  We ended up on the patio watching a movie from Israel, "Or, My Treasure".  Can’t say as I recommend it.  With my movies… if I want "real life", I will go sit on the corner.  The acting was ok, but the sound was pretty bad.  One clip, you could hear the actor’s heartbeat against the mike… not sure why they didn’t fix that.  The movie was essentially about prostitution, bad decisions, and the inability to break the cycle.  By the end of the movie, everyone was pretty depressed.  Called it a night and bed by 10:30.
Saturday was pretty busy.  Valerie and I went to Livestock Show and watched the sheepdog trials.  Pretty much fun, but very crowded and the people tended to be pretty rude.  Interestingly, there are a lot of Oriental visitors at the rodeo.  There understanding of Livestock Show etiquette is below nil.  They were downright rude, to the point of interfering with the competitions by getting too close, taking pictures, and  talking at the wrong times.  One could have done a comedy sketch about it!!!  After that, Valerie and I walked around the exhibits.  I bought a pair of deerskin gloves and met the guy that Valerie bought her hat from a few days ago… His Australian accent was…. a bit forced, it seemed to me 🙂
Then came the rodeo.  Great fun… we left right after the Bull Riding.  Picked up Emily at Escalante’s and dropped her off at the house, then we went to Brian’s party at Saint Arnold’s.  It was good seeing Donna and him… been too long.  After a few glasses of Lawnmower Beer, back to the house and finally, bed (I am getting old, after all!).
Sunday – Girls went to see Diva, I watched movies and sorted socks (six people, multiple sports…. lots and lots of socks!!) Very quiet day.
During the evening, kids pretended to do homework and we watched Stranger than Fiction.  I have to say… I finally found a Will Ferrell movie that I like!  I highly recommend that movie.  Kids didn’t get much homework done… but it was a great way to spend an evening!
Oh… I did get to sign report cards… both girls made Honor Roll, and Nicholas did pretty well too – especially for being involved in as much as he is.
Tomorrow – another week!  Hope to see all of you at Saint Thomas’ Annual Spring Festival! Nicco, Emily, and Katherine will be dancing!


St. Thomas Scottish Festival 02


2005 Scottish Festival 


2003 St. Thomas Scottish Festival

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