2006 Books

Dean Koontz: Forever Odd

2nd book about Odd Thomas

John Ringo: Ghost

Military Fiction with a kinky sidetrack dead smack in the middle of the book!

Andrew Wheatcroft: Infidels

A History of the Conflict Between Christendom and Islam

Andrew Crumey: Mr. Mee

Definitely written by an Englishman! Who knew they could think that pervertedly!





David Icke: Infinite Love is the Only Truth Everything Else is Illusion

It truly scares me that ANYONE might believe a word this guy writes!! Please-avoid 🙂

D. J. MacHale: Pendragon

Meant to be a kids book, but a lot of fun to read!! I wonder how he is going to conclude the missing families bit.

Pavel Tsatsouline: Relax into Stretch

Short, sweet… it works!!! Best to buy used!

Michael Crichton: State of Fear

Incredible research paper imbedded into a fictional story…almost sounded Republican!





David Baldacci: The Hour Game

Solid crime book… quick read

Gene Wolfe: The Knight

An excellent fantasy book

Jeffrey J. Messenger: The Shroud of Torrington


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