What a week

My big case from June finally went to court… the prosecution prevailed.  Only one subpoena on tap for the next month… this is a good thing!  Court is a necessary evil, but takes away from work in a big way… and while I really enjoyed the one I worked with this week, some are so arrogant that it’s hard to remember we are essentially on the same side.  One of my officers is going to get his transfer to one of the deep cover divisions this weekend.  Gonna miss him – definitely one of the best officers I have had the opportunity to work with.
Yesterday, I did not get out of court until after 5pm – went straight to Katherine’s track meet.  She won second in 800 and 4th in 1600.  Awesome performance one week removed from pnuemonia!!  I am very proud!
Nicholas talked with a Marine recruiter, who once finding out he was not signing this week, told him to come back in June.  Didn’t leave the best of impressions in my mind!
Talked with an old friend from High School this evening… like no time had passed – very cool.
Finished Scar Night while I was in court waiting to be called… interesting ideas, but never caught me completely.  I am thinking there will be a second book.  Last night, I read The Robe…  very well written – probably a lot better than the movie 🙂
Tonight, Emily and I went running… yes, I actually managed to eke out a mile!!  So far no swelling on the knee… maybe I could make this a habit – hmmmm…. then she talked me into watching Pride and Predjudice with K. Knightley – Highly recommended!!
All right… everyone has showered, animals been fed, doors locked, lights out…
Good night!
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