Caza Brio Ranch

The big hunting trip is over.  I had a blast!  The scenery was beautiful.  The weather was mostly rain or heavy mist, but that didn’t spoil the weekend in any way.
Had a few funny stories, but what happens in deer camp…. stays in deer camp.  Suffice to say that no one complained about their weekend.  Imagine twenty some-odd folks, all different personalities, getting along for two and a half days.  I’d like to make this an annual event.
Bub had been up here before.  He told us what to expect, but I was still cautious, having hunted on a high fenced ranch once before that had WAY too many animals.  Let me assure you, that was not the case at Caza Brio… still plenty of grass on the ground, trees are not stripped bare…etc.  We got there Friday around noon. The weather had already turned overcast with intermittent rain/mist.  We drove to the main house and met with Cheryl, the owner-operator.  Talk about a one woman show – she was incredible!!  Cheryl took us to the hunters’ cabins.  Very nice setup – four large rooms with one or two bathrooms each which were interconnected (You could have one large party or four smaller and still feel like you had your own cabin).
We got set up and waited for the rest of the guys to arrive. Several folks brought their kids, so that kept everyone on their best behavior.  None of mine could come because of finals this week (yes Virginia, there are some things more important then hunting ).
Two of the folks in our party wanted to take an Axis Buck, so we started out with a "safari-style" hunt, in Cheryl’s Suburban.  Saw lots of beautiful animals, but no shot that trip.  Next, she put us out in the stands.  The weather was not very cooperative. Extremely cool, extremely wet, with gusty winds.  I spent most of the afternoon admiring the scenery.  Then I heard soft footsteps behind me.  I managed to stay still and not bump or kick anything in the blind, but unfortunately, the wind must of carried my scent back.  I heard a snort-wheeze and there they were – gone!  I heard lots of hooves pounding away… No idea what they were, but sounded like a lot of ’em  .
About ten minutes later a black buck doe came out, being followed by an incredible buck.. very dark, very muscular.  He was really interested in being friendly, but she did not want to have anything to do with him. With the rain worsening and the forecast calling for worse as the weekend went on, I decided to take the doe – made a good shot and that was that.  She was good sized for that type of deer, and every one tells me that the meat is good.  She will go half jerkey and half slim jims (except for the backstrap and tenders that is )
After we cleaned the deer that had been shot that evening, Cheryl had dinner ready for us.  Chili, made from Oryx and Sika… it was incredible!!  Afterward everyone repaired to the bonfire… which was pretty silly, because of the drizzle and the 20 mph wind… but hey, we got ‘er done!  I was a wimp, I hit the sack before everyone else.  Actually slept the whole night through.
Saturday morning hunt was a test of my strength and courage!!  Okay, okay… not exactly, but…the morning started out in the mid 70’s with drizzle and a forecast of the same for 6-8 hours.  I took off my warm, fuzzy underjacket and just wore my raincoat.  Silly me… ten minutes after I got in the stand the temp started dropping… ended up in the mid thirties…. talk about a shivering hunk of wussie!!!  That would be me.  Still, I got some interesting pictures.  After the morning hunt, I got to go out and do some tracking.  One of our party thought he migh have hit a deer, so I volunteered to go look.  That was probably the most fun of the trip for me, tromping around, looking at all the tracks.  Turns out, he probably missed, because there was no blood trail to be found…. well, except for the one that was right between the tire tracks leading back to camp )
The evening hunt was a little bit hard to see, because of the heavy mist, but still managed to get a few good pictures.  I played around with my varmint calls and generally made a nuisance of myself in the woods!
That night was more good food.  Then we watched the football game and much earlier bedtime.
Sunday, the fun was over.  We passed on the morning hunt, got some breakfast and brought her on home.  Dropped the meat off at Midway and took the pelts over to Cecil White in Katy.  I wish I could go back next month.. but we are gonna have a pretty full freezer now!!
So… if you don’t have the time, four wheeler, all the other things that go into having your own lease, consider calling Cheryl at the Caza Brio Ranch.  I highly recommend her!
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