A day in the woods with no deer is still a pretty day!!

Took the girls to Bandera after school Friday.  Due to the late arrival, we ended up staying at the Bandera Lodge – bit pricey and kinda smelly, but waddya want in a hunting town…  We got out to the lease early saturday morning under perfect conditions… only thing missing… was the deer!!   Of course, the amount of noise we made getting into the stand alerted deer county-wide to our presence.  Oh well…  After the morning hunt, we went scouting and tromped all over the front end of the lease.  Prints showed us where we had scared up lots of deer as we approached.  Emily was using the binoculars once, when a doe bolted about 5 yards in front of us and ran across our path.  Katherine saw it, but Emily never did .   For lunch, we went to the Old Spanish Trail for lunch.  The girls were unimpressed.  Then we went by the Tru-Value, where they sell ammunition!!  Then a 30 minute nap and back to the stand where we watched a lot of scenery.  Not a deer to be found…. sigh.  Still, girls seemed to have fun and showed a great attitude.
Funny story – after another not so exciting dinner, we ran by the Catholic Church in town to see when mass was on Sunday.  As we drove by the cemetary, we saw a small herd of deer…of course!!!  When Emily took a picture, the eyes shined large enough to look like dinner plates – A demon possessed Bambi!!  (I will post the picture in a bit)
Settled in with some ice cream at the room and watched "The Fifth Element"
Up Sunday and girls were not quite so chipper and mobile…. still, we got to the stand before full daylight.  Saw a lot of deer… about 400 yards off.  Saw two buck fighting and one throw the other to the ground.  All kinds of dramatics.  Just no shot.  Of course that was the perfect time for the "That’s why they call it hunting and not harvesting" 
After that, off to church for mass, then a several hour drive home (with a stop at th Kettle).
I’m ready for a vacation!!!!
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