Ham Radio

Was cleaning up and found a postcard from a few years ago notifying me that i had run out of envelopes at the Incoming W5 QSL Bureau.  Say what??? Ok… the way it works is this.  You pull out your shortwave radio (mostly code for me) and go "CQ CQ CQ" which is basically the same as, ‘Hello, can anyone hear me??" when someone answers, you tell them your name, location, and how they sound.  Sometimes you chat, but usually, you go right back out there and try to find someone else to contact… kind of a ‘he who dies with the most contacts wins kinda thing’.  On really exciting weekend nights, there are contests and thousands of geeks sit up into the small hours of the morning cq’ing to their hearts delight and really annoying the neighbors (3am is the only time they play Mr. Ed reruns, dontcha know?!).  If you were lucky enough during your hf soujorns to contact somebody from a call zone different then ours, that person might be willing to send you a postcard documenting the happy occasion.  Seeing as how expensive mail is, everyone got together and decided to have just a few shipments across the seas at opportune times, thus decreasing the costs…  The neat thing is that this is all run by volunteers.  I am still getting cards from contacts I made in the late 80s!!!  Talk about message in a bottle!
So, I logged in today and found out that I have 8 cards waiting.  I have to send them some SASEs so I can pick up my treasures!!!  (I only needed a few more to fill up my 2nd shoebox full of QSL cards!  I have worked all states by morse code, QRP (low power), and 10 meters.  Ahh.. the joys of being a geek!!
Valerie took the girls to Cross Country this weekend.  They seemed to have a good time.  I laid around and watched a few episodes of Smallville and checked into the QSL card thing.  What a bum!
Valerie and the girls just headed out to the barn to see Diva.  Sayer is going to be there and have a cookout… I, again, am just going to lay around the house… getting’ to be a habit!!!
For now… 73 (hamspeak)
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