A sick day

Funny.. probably the best sick day I have ever had. Sunday, had a tickle in my nose, and thought nothing about it. E. was riding with me and most of the day was pretty dull.  Waiting to find that car I have been looking for.  Right at the end of the shift, we drove into the complex, and as we were driving out, there it was!  I made eye contact with the fella I had been looking for.  He knew right away that it was me too.  Got behind the car and blocked it.   Long story short, he was not arrested that night…. that cat has nine arrest lives fo sho.  He did things with his body to get out the driver’s side of that car that just aren’t natural.  And there he was…. gone!!   I stayed put due to other suspects being there and put it out.  Here is where the funny part comes in.  I put out the description and the responding officers yell out that they see him.. the chase is on… they get him… with a pistol.  I tell them to come back to the scene and lo, it was someone else… go figure!!!  Good thing is that everyone went home safe and sound.
Next morning, I realized what the tickle was….  warning signs for a monster head cold.  I am one sick puppy.  Our squad had a big assignment during the day and overtime that night, so I toughed it out (good thing too, cuz we had an AWESOME evening arrestwise).  But I did take Tuesday off…
Started out the morning stumbling out of bed as soon as everyone else left.  Had to call ARS, cuz one of the toilets started leaking.  Luckily it was just the wax ring!  Then did the cleaning thing and defrosted venison hamburger and made up a huge batch of four alarm chilii.  Started around 9:00… It was pretty well ready at 6pm and looked perfectly noxious.. everyone loved it. Even Emily had some.
It was Valerie’s B’day today.  Had cake and she opened her presents at our new dining room table..  Then to the living room to watch NCIS and The Unit.  Sigh.. life is good – even if I am sick.
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