Those were the days my friends

prelapsarian (pree-lap-SAYR-ee-uhn) adjective

   Relating to any innocent or carefree period in the past.

[From Latin pre- (before) + lapsus (fall). The term refers to the period
in the Garden of Eden before Adam and Eve lost their innocence.]

Today’s word in Visual Thesaurus:

-Anu Garg (garg


HNT meeting today… no overtime.  Think I will try to catch the game.  My money is on New Orleans! Figure their first night back in the dome ought to be worth 7-10 points alone!  Here’s hoping I am right…. I only picked two of fifteen against Wednesday’s line this weekend.

Emily did not feel up to running this last Saturday, so just Katherine and I made the trip to Royal Academy for the cross country meet this weekend.  We got there at 7:40 and Katherine ran at 10:40… wheee!  By then the temp was 90 degrees and close to 100 percent humidity.  Very hard to breathe.  Katherine did well… she came in the top twenty and got a medal!!!

Got home, napped for 15 minutes, then took Emily to eat dinner with friends and get their nails done.  I ran over to the cigar shop and visited with Cliff… 🙂  Happy times!  Got some Garo cigars and smoked one of my last Mambachos…. guess I need to buy two boxes next time they come in.  At least I stil have a few Misteriosos from Battleground Cigars left.

Got home and still had a good bit of my cigar left, so I took a toddy onto the back porch and watched Akira Kurosawa’s "Dreams".  Okay… that film was too esoteric – even for me!  I liked the one about the kid and the peach trees and the one about the snow storm.  Most of the others were either too boring or too depressing.  However, the cigar was excellent!!!    Finished up the night working with Nicco on his Navy Scholarship Application and hit the sack during a pretty impressive thunderstorm.

Woke up Sunday morning to realize that a power surge had taken out my cell phone which was on the charger.  So.. there went my alarm.  Got to work one hour late, but breezed through the rest of the day.  Amazing how easy life is when you have had a few days off.

Heard from an old college friend this week…. she was a mere child playing college ball when we met, now she is a big name coach for a final 16 school!!  Way to go Sherry!



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