Enjoying that rare day off!

The girls had a cross country meet at John Cooper (up in the Woodlands) this morning.  Up at six, cup of coffee and out the door.  Every parking spot for miles was taken, so took a chance and parked on the street.  Girls got there in plenty of time to warm up and run their races.  Temperature this morning hit 94 degrees and the cool temperatures we had earlier this week were a distant memory.  Both girls ran better than last week and had a good time.  One of our seniors had the misfortune of making a wrong turn around the first mile… he dropped from the top five to middle of the pack.  But hey, what a story to tell his kids!!!  As usual, I took a few pictures 🙂  Click here to take a peek.
The girls were gracious enough to let me go by Gander Mountain on the way back home… Man, could I spend some money in THAT place!!  But, we left with only beef jerky.  sigh…
Girls and Valerie went to see the horse, and I hit the patio to read and smoke a stogie and try out the new smoker.  I did chicken and venison sausage… worked like a charm!
Tomorrow, back to work… 12 to 12.  In that vein, sounds like I am going to stay on my present assignment for a bit longer.

Image hosted by Webshots.com
by houpd

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